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Exploratory Discussion Group

Judeo-Christian, Small Business (JCSB) Think Tank

You don't for vote for them - or even know them. But they govern your life.

Elite institutions - unelected and out of the public spotlight - influence thought leaders, media, academia, the economy and the law far more than elections. As transnational organizations, they have little regard for national sovereignty. We're exploring the idea of creating a think tank, of, by, and for Judeo-Christian Small Business. It's mission will be to raise awareness of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), oppose their undue influence on policy, and advocate for individual liberty and policies that are essential for small business success and economic prosperity.

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Mission Statement

The "Institute to be named later" is dedicated to educating, informing and being a trusted resource for it's members, as well as for thought leaders, political leadership and the public at large, regarding both policy and sources of policy, and their effects on individual economic liberty and prosperity. These efforts are undertaken from a Judeo-Christian, Western Civilization viewpoint, and more specifically, that of small, independently-owned business. To ensure that the Institute remains focused on it's mission, Principals and Fellows of the Institute are drawn from the ranks of small business. They lead our activities with our members in a highly collaborative manner, and academics, business leaders, policy makers, lawmakers and citizens participate in them as well. The Institute sponsors research, holds conferences, and publishes books, monographs and articles. It also generally promotes free enterprise, specifically from a small business perspective, as well as general economic liberty.
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The Westminster Confession of Faith, with Scripture reference proofs.
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Phase II, the Middle East: From Here to Eternal Tyranny

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