Since Mar 5, 2009

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I am Palin Smith, one of millions of Americans who are fed-up with politics as usual.
Most of us just talk, but late on Election Night, November 5, 2008, I decided to take the next step up.

I acquired several domain names and began building a web site. That idea blossomed into a group. We became a fast-growing popular grass roots movement.

Our Connecticut group was named Dump Dodd 2010. Our web site was recently phased-out

We designed and trade-marked an unique logo, created buttons, bumper stickers and more.

You can watch the past history of our progress, as well as the history of the CT Tea Party on the Palin Smith You tube channel .

We pressured Dodd for a year, following him to town halls and staged protest rallies at his fund-raising events. By the end of 2009, the Democratic Party had had enough of Senator Dodd. The party feared his continued presence in the race for re-election would further detract from their diminishing fortunes.

On December 11, 2009, The Democrats dispatched Vice President Joe Biden to deliver the coup de grace' in Hartford. Dodd bowed-out a month later.

The Dump Dodd campaign is notable in several regards. It was totally grass roots. Completely designed, organized and promoted by amateurs. It shows how one man can make a difference.

Dump Dodd T-shirts, yard signs, bumper stickers and buttons are on display in the Museum of Connecticut History, located across the street from the Capitol Building in Hartford.

On the day Dodd announced his decision not to run again, Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, quickly threw his hat into the ring and became heir apparent to replace Mr. Dodd.