Since Oct 23, 2000

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Retired United States Army Sergeant Major.

Fervent and radical supporter of the Constitution of the United States of American and the Bill of Rights.

I stand for the National Anthem and salute the passing flag.

And I'm not ashamed of the occasional tear in my eye when I gaze upon Old Glory.

After all, if I and all my brothers in arms can shed blood for the defense of it, a tear or two isn't going to hurt.

Rabid patriot.

Life member of the NRA.

Have guns...don't give a damn if you do or don't like it.

I've not lost any in boating mishaps...if the Gooberment wants my guns, I'll be damned glad to show them to them.

I do not regret any gun purchase I have ever made...but I rue the day I ever got rid of one.

I have no use for a liberal.


I will not accept anything one has to say about anything.

To hell with a democrat.