Since Dec 2, 2000

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Welcome to my Free Republic "home page".

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And now a little about me...

I'm just your basic Canadian conservative, living in Ottawa. I'm an ex-Montrealer, an "angryphone". On politics, I pick and choose my issues. By US standards I'm probably conservative on some, liberal on others and libertarian on the rest. I look at each issue in life and give it a quick test: does the government need to get involved? Does it erode and destabilize the existing underlying culture? If the answer is yes, it's probably bad, and we don't need it. (Of course, liberals will love it, whatever it is!)

I'm a politically conservative Jew, a "rare breed" as Yaelle describes it. But I believe that Judaism is inherently a conservative faith, and a conservative way of life. One of my "missions" in life is to convince my co-religionists that Liberalism and Judaism are not the same thing. My more Orthodox fellow Jews already know this.

However, I believe that government NEEDS to get involved in two areas of life: medical care, and basic education to junior college. A modern liberal democracy need to provide certain basic, fundamental commodities to it's citizens: health and education. The Canadian model, while flawed, seems to work best, compared to European models, IMHO. When properly funded by a partnership of private-enterprise and limited government participation, it can work.

Thanks for reading this. Ed / NorthernRight