Since Oct 30, 1998

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When you worship yourself , what direction do you face when you prey? Barrack (The dream horse that flew Mohammad to hell) Hussein (Mohammad's grandson) Obama (Swahili for Osama, Mohammad's favorite general) is not only the worst president the United States has ever had , he is the latest cause and effect of the most evil man to have ever lived, the false prophet Mohammad.

In a series of reports from the great Jewish Crusader of Reason , Pamela Geller , she shows how foreign Islamic money illegally paid for Obama's election. She has also shown quite clearly that if Obama is not an outright traitor in the pocket of Iran, he is, at the least, more on their side than America's.

It is only natural that America , the good, should end up in opposition to Islam, the evil. Indeed right after it's founding America found itself at war with Islam because of Islamic piracy in the Mediterranean . It is only because of the benevolent nature of Americans toward the free flow of ideas that so many Americans are unwilling to face the evil that is Islam. 911 changed that attitude but how many Americans today realize this is nothing less than a crucial battle in the never ending war between Good and Evil? It is rare to find any leaders willing to admit that it is Islam itself that must be defeated. It is Americans who should take it to the streets yelling “death to Islam!” rather than Iranians yelling “death to America!”

It all rests on Mohammad. The religion of peace reserves it's greatest rage for those who dare insult their tyrant prophet. To reveal Mohammad as the ruthless perverted madman he was knocks out the base of the huge foundation of lies and mangled corpses upon which Islam is built. The whole rotten structure comes crumbling down when Mohammad is exposed . Rather than face the dreaded knowledge that devout generations have wasted their lives , deceived by a twisted soul , Islam has to direct its most violent attacks towards any who reveal this truth . If Moslems did not do so Islam could not continue to exist.

It is an amazing time to be alive. The last such critical moment occurred 400 million years ago when life emerged from the sea and settled on land. After billions of years , life on Earth , in the form of Man , is on the edge of space ready at last to reach for the stars. An incredibly vast Universe no longer just a far away vision but a real place where the first small steps have already been taken. This epic dream , however , is threatened by the progress* stealing hand of socialism and the deadly hand of Islamic nuclear weapons. In this never ending battle between good and evil, if evil wins this round Mankind, and therefore life on Earth , might forever be doomed to a tiny orb in a forgotten corner of a immense Universe. The Chinese have this pertinent curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Good or Evil. It's the Heavens or Hell. America has defeated evil before. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union no longer threaten the world. As evil as those countries were they did advance rockets and jet engines. Islam only advances hate. Unlike the transient evil of communism Islam has 14 centuries behind it. The persistence of this mind plague is beyond doubt. The stakes are too high to lose this battle. We either inherit the stars or become entombed in an Islamic darkness , an evil so consuming Mankind may never recover. Life is ultimately a test. Like any good test we are given tempting choices which are wrong. If Islam becomes that choice we will have failed.

* Since pro is the opposite of con and “progressives” is just an euphemism for looting collectivists they really should be called “congressives”.

One of the reasons I came to Free Republic in 1998 was the corrupt Clinton regime. The future does indeed look grim. There is, however , a real glimmer of hope. I have an idea which I believe can work.

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