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I am keeping this short so please read to the end.

While most Idahoans are extremely concerned about the chaos that illegal immigration is wreaking upon our national and economic security, Senator Larry Craig is working to increase cheap labor for special interest farm groups. Craig, a former rancher, made the following statement regarding the passage of S. 2661:

"I'm very pleased that Idaho's growers are one step closer to being able to hire workers more efficiently, with confidence those workers are here legally. Without that ability, and without those workers, crops will rot in the field and American agriculture will look to outsourcing to foreign countries." ( , Press Releases)

In contrast, Senator Mike Crapo had this to say about S 2661:

“…in order to maintain the strength of this country, we must uphold our laws. I have been very concerned about the amnesty provisions included in this measure and ultimately could not support the bill, even though there are some good provisions in it.

There has been a lot of talk about the need to secure our borders. It is time that the talk ends, and the work to accomplish this task begins. In order to get control of the illegal immigration situation, illegal entry into our country must be stopped. Getting our borders under control will better enable a workable guest worker program.” ( )

While Senator Crapo needs to be thanked for his efforts to protect our national security, Senator Craig voted in favor of legislation that benefits farmers, but is weak on securing our borders. Idahoans want the border secured immediately, without compromise. If Senator Craig cannot support better legislation to protect our borders then it is time for a change in representation in Idaho.

Here is what I am asking you to do. Send me a brief message telling me what city you live in. Then, print off our representative's local contact information and give it to every person that you have talked to that has expressed concern, frustration, or anger towards the Senate's amnesty plans. Tell them how Senator Craig and Senator Crapo have voted. Ask them to call each of our representatives and tell them to secure the border immediately with no amnesty or we will vote them out of office. Ask them to pass the contact information to people they have talked to.

I will call Senator Mike Crapo and thank him for his "Nay" vote on S. 2611. I will also call Senator Larry Craig and tell him that unless he takes a stronger stand against illegal immigration, we will be starting a statewide campaign to inform Idahoans of his stance on immigration. I will also call Congressman Butch Otter, and Congressman Mike Simpson and tell them that we expect them to support securing the border immediately and to vote against any form of amnesty to illegal aliens.

Here are three reasons to get involved:

1) People are angry, just ask somebody who you think may not have an opinion and you will probably be surprised.

2) It is simple. You are only asking somebody to make a call about something they are already angry about.

3) Each individual will be part of a larger, concerted effort to secure the border.

If we could get 50 Idaho members to get 10 people to call, that would be 500 calls. If they get 10 people to call that would be 5000 calls. I know a lot more than 10 people who are angry with S. 2611, you probably do too.

If you are angry about giving amnesty to illegal aliens and the Senate's weak proposal to secure the border, then let's do something about it.

I need your support so please respond soon.

Thank you.

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