Since Oct 27, 2003

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I once worked for Larry McDonald when he was the most conservative representative in the House and once worked for Jesse Helms when he was the most conservative Senator. My favorite causes include 2nd Amendment issues, nationalism over internationalism, and pro-preservation but anti-GreenPeace initiatives. Greens and the Sierra Club are great threats to the environment. I am a former resident of El Salvador and have traveled widely in Latin America, Western Europe, South Africa, Russia, and Ukraine... ...but Dixie is Home. God has blessed me with great health, a loving wife, and six wonderful children ages: 23, 20, 19, 12, 10, and a 4-year old. I left the Army Reserve with the rank of Major and later spent almost 15 years as a simulation contractor at Fort Benning. Now, I do humble work that does not utilize my Masters Degree. I am a Methodist but not the best example of one. My hunting and fishing skills also leave much to be desired. Long-range pistol shooting is my strong suit. Young operative of the Guardia Nacional stands guard at a coffee mill in Santiago de Maria, Usulutan, El Salvador, Circa 1989 El Salvador Robert D'Aubuisson, 1986 Photobucket Sen. Jesse Helms Dr. Larry McDonald, Member of Congress CushingWpatient PilcherTeam46 ReaganWDr.LoyalDavis Dr. Barney Brooks Humphrey, Arkansas pals Three Lenin Pioneers A fair collection TEA Party Boy Anna at Shrine in St. Augustine, Florida Jack Dempsey (front), Past his prime but still menacing, Jack Dempsey in good form. Jack Dempsey Spartan Brigade, Paktya Province, January 30, 1012 377th FA Regt., Khowst Prov., Afghanistan ...and three cheers for the American Army. A brave band of professionals. _ 504th, Afghanistan, May 2012 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Shoot, Move, and CommunicateA must have Arbor Board photo ArborBoard_zps72b4dfea.jpg RobertAugustSkateboard photo RobertAugustSkateboard_zps51ukkvvu.jpg  photo MarinaPensacola.jpg Big Chief photo BigChief2011_zps64c5670c.jpg<> photo andbabymakeseightwow_zpse0d09d8b.jpgCoco, Max, Daddy, and Emmett. Dec2013 photo CocoMaxDaddyandEmmettonSanAntonioRivWalkDec2013_zps0e21931b.jpgAlisa at 12 months photo AlisaJan2014_zpsad3802ba.jpgKnowledgeDayAlchevskMashaNatashaL photo KnowledgeDayStudentsWithGifts_zpsc77f6edf.jpgAlchevskSchoolVeraDanya photo veradanya2_zpsf15f498b.jpgRedArmyExtFamCenterGermanyCircaApril1945 photo RedArmyinGermany1945_zps2d70ca40.jpg photo AlisaWithMagnolia_zpsa86f8d56.jpgMagnoliaBlossomexamenedByAlisa photo AlisaWithMagnoliaMay2014_zps7c69b459.jpgCocosStorefront photo CocosStorefront_zps1695b0bb.jpgBelguimDolfinDisplayAtCocosInPhenixCityAL photo DSCF07952_zps38bb2d2d.jpgRevolutionLadies photo MinuteWomenR.jpgAlisa eating a Moon Pie at Coco's Tea and Chocolates photo AlisaMeachamJan2015atCocos_zpsxvrffxtz.jpgAnya and Marina photo Marishka_AnyaAug2014_zps30ahyzhq.jpg LM at Cheaha Falls, Alabama photo CheahaFallsLarry2011.jpgSalvadoran Hero Domingo Monterrosa photo LTC Domingo Monterrosa of El Salvador_zpsvnqqagct.jpgSalvadoran 3rd BDE photo logo-3abgda.jpgGuardia Nacional El Salvador photo CASPYNSX.jpg photo LtColDomingoMonterrosa_zpsqafvorwd.jpg photo JohnPelham_zps6qupxypy.png