Since Sep 27, 2005

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We are living with a President that is a street thug, pushing an agenda that is typical of a socialist and we can expect our civil rights to be taken away and the Constitution thrown out. Scared to my core over what will happen. What about our military? We must support our military. Have travelled all over the world. China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands. Cry like a baby when I finally get home to this country, the most wonderful country in the world, The United States of America. The best part is I can still keep in touch on FReeRepublic all the way. I especially appreciated FReeRepublic while stranded in Germany during the ash cloud in April, 2010. FReepers helped me so much, gathering information that I could not get oversees. We have FReepers all over Europe and many came to my aid. Love dogs, especially Westies. Please donate your hard earned dollars to FReeRepublic. It does not matter if it is $10 or more, please consider donating. You may need FReeRepubic someday. Reading FReeRepublic, the only place I go for news, links and overall calm and comfort. Thanks to FReeRepublic I can scan the news quickly and feel updated.