miss marmelstein
Since Apr 1, 2001

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Miss Marmelstein is a married professional in theatre in NYC. My husband is a professional producer in NYC theater.

I am a registered voter and home owner in New Jersey and rent a small apartment in New York City. I’m a proud conservative who battles the arts crowd of NYC and has to defend herself against some freepers who think I’m a liberal because I refuse to define any great artist by his politics. ESPECIALLY JOHN WAYNE who is considered a commie by some on this site or the great Charlie Chaplin who might actually have been a commie.

And for all the male creeps - that means types like the vile anti-Catholic human-vomit troll, Elsie, back after being suspended for two weeks for behavior fit for the 19th century Know Nothing Party or Regulator County, who commented that I'm "old" - I joined FR in 3rd grade during a break from selling girl scout cookies. NOTE: If you have something negative to say to me, please say it publicly and not on a private message. I only talk to my friends on my private messages here.