Since Dec 23, 2002

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Hi, I´m a young German Conservative, living right now in Hamburg. I don´t join those, who think of the US as the "arrogant world police" - and I´m here to prove you, that we haven´t forgotten what the US has done for us!! Here are still many people who know what the Berlin Airlift, the Marshall Plan or the Iron Curtain were... thank you America.

The old picture showing these allied soldiers with a German one says "His Comrades - Our allies!"

I usually keep my policy here on FR of "not interfering in US domestic policy".

Schröder is gone, and he had 7 years time to ruin the transatlantic relations. Gladly, Angela Merkel is the new Chancellor of Germany. She´s a good person, and I deeply believe she will do what she can to improve our economy through more freedom and the relations with America through more respect.

Konrad Adenauer, first Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, said in the 50´s:


Here´s a interesting site comparing the US and Germany:

Comparison US-Germany

The text of the German National Anthem:

Unity, Justice and Freedom For the German Fatherland. This is what we all must strive for, Brotherly with heart and hand. Unity, Justice and Freedom Are the foundation for happiness. Bloom in the radiance of this happiness, Bloom, oh German Fatherland.

The first stanza "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" -written in 1841 and abused by the Nazis- is an expression of the desire to unite the nation, which was divided into 35 states and 4 free cities. Unfortunately, the sentence of the very first task to become a united Fatherland ("Germany, Germany above all" .. other tasks we may have) is often misunderstood.

For those who´d like to hear that song, I can provide a link:

German National Anthem