Since Sep 17, 2004

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A conservative for the past forty some years. Before that. I was just a stupid kid,then young adult. Still pretty stupid.
NO. I am not a proud United States Marine. Only the proud uncle of a nephew that is now a former Marine. He spent two tours,in Al Anbar province Iraq. Then after active duty is now on second tour in some rather remote FOB’s in southern Afghanistan, as a civilian contractor Intel specialist. As of September 2013, back from this later job assignment, now as of 3/14 yet on another tour in A. So I take it very seriously, how our elected leaders and senior military brass plan and execute battle plans against the nation of Islam in it’s misguided at best attempts over the ages to in some of their minds represent what their Allah (generic name for some god) have been brainwashed into thinking Islam represents the Lord God Creator in some way.

Over the years while a member of Free Republic, I have attempted to always be not only objective on issues but at the same time fair for those that have struggled often with various issues.
I have left out my profile as to where I had worked over the years in case things get nasty.
Most here, strive for the truth. So do I. God bless you all. George