Since Apr 14, 2003

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Joined the army in 1966 after a run in with a liberal college professor over the war. I scored high on tests and went to Infantry OCS in early 67. I volunteered for airborne and special forces, and; myself and 5-6 others in my class graduated from the SFOC in Dec 67. Then we went to the 5th Group in mid 68 in Vietnam. I was the only one to volunteer for C&C Detachment AKA SOG. After being an S-4 for 56 days I was given a company of Rhade yards with four SF NCO’s to help run it. They taught me on the first few OPS. After 6 months with the company I was assigned to the northern site for cross border OPS. I briefed recon teams along with our AF chopper pilots and crew plus FAC. We’d then fly directly across the border and I was on the right of the FAC in the O-2 and he directed the pilots through a series of azimuths to the primary LZ. After insertion we flew off a ways waiting for a team OK. That team plus our others in that NE part of Cambodia could be 30-50 K’s apart. If a team got in contact they had a good 30-45 minutes on their own during day time before we could even fly back. That was best case. The FAC and I flew 3-4 times a day for situation reports (SITREPS). At 4:30PM we made our last flight and the teams had their RON (remain overnight) position to report. After all RON reports we left the team and the FAC flew me back to the border A camp and he and the pilots and crew of the choppers flew back to our main HQ. We had Cambodia cross border OPS from just below the tri border area in II Corps to south of the fishhook border AO in III Corps. We lost a number of great men. Between the company OPS in three companies and the recon teams’ OPS we suffered very high casualties. My last assignment there was asst. S-3 at HQ. I was shot twice in that job and medivaced. After another 6 years I saw enough to see the effects of AA, COL.’s and LTC’s expecting captains and majors to CYA them with false reports.

In 73-74 the black power crap started riots by taking over company dayrooms. Very few officers had the damn guts to merely run them out of those day rooms on their own. I had enough and my last assignment was back with special forces.

In 1986 Clinton created coed BCT on the Army and soon don’t ask don’t tell came. West Point was AA plus women were admitted. With women at West Point the cadets were now banging like rabbits I am told. This alone tells me that there is no place for women in Infantry units as sex on combat OPs would damn sure get good men killed. People need to also realize that two fags and two lesbians are no better as hunting men to kill is deadly serious business. Our military is a damn joke after Obama. It was
trashed bit by bit after Vietnam. In fact, the damn druggies started in mid 69 in Vietnam. They were weeded out, but; certain generals like Emerson allowed rock concerts and pot smoking.