Since Apr 14, 2003

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I’m damn sure not impressed by many quotes. The one I buy is-”For those who have fought for it- freedom has a special flavor the protected will never know.” If you are male and have not served and were able bodied and this country had a war going on when you were 19-24- perhaps you should ask yourself why?

What made America and still makes it is such a great nation is a combination of the constitution and Christianity plus brave men willing to fight for freedom. Without a church and Sunday schools to teach them the Lord’s word and His laws- kids are lost. Without both a father and a mother most kids are someway dependent on Government. Teen boys without a father usually end up with serious problems. Few women can raise a 14-15 year old and older boy anymore then most men can raise a teenage daughter by themselves. Without religion and fathers the family is more likely to be dependent on government and the progressive way of life destroys the family just as it is destroying America. It was Bill Clinton who denied already approved military pay raises in 1999 and he forced 30,000 military families to live on food stamps. It was Clinton who first forced queers and lesbians on the military. Clinton created coed basic training and women in combat. Only the Marine Corps stood up against Clinton's military appointee secretaries. Sara Lister a Clinton Asst. Secretary of the Army made a joke about the Marine uniform. Once Obama took over the agenda went back to the far left. John Kerry had the most progressive anti American voting record in both Houses. A friend of mine commanded the IV Corps Mike Force Airboat Company and John Kerry is a liar. This affirmative action president is a damn joke like all who check race expecting an advantage. He is no more a real American then those who illegally sneak across our border. Obama is a traitor. Hilliary like Obama is a Saul Alinsky fan. Both are firm believers in his 8 principles for radicals.The entire Democrat party has moved far left and there is no way to negotiate or work with them. He has divided this nation by pitting classes and race against each other. This country is divided with this ass. Until this country gets back to it's heritage and realizes our founding fathers were anti Muslim and anti anyone coming here uninvited we are in trouble. Military service should be every man's duty for a few years period. It is damn sick and speaks volumes about today's youth and young adults that not enough young men are physically fit to join the military to fill all the combat MOS', because; if there were enough men the competition would still be so tough that very few women would dare try. Women fighting in our wars brings up a serious question. Do American men really want their wife, fiancé, sister, or daughter facing bullets and/or exploding shrapnel? Have we lost our self respect as men? I can certainly tell you that I would not want any woman I know to be a POW of any oriental much less a Muslim. Lowering physical standards for any reason endangers others lives. I look back and I thank the Lord for letting me and my men get into LZ's without getting ambushed as soon as the choppers set down. However, two of my 1LT's and an SFC plus 28 yards were not so lucky on 24 April 69. I thank the Montagnards for their loyalty and always being alert in combat. I think about the many men I lost plus our unit did in 68-69. My two GSW's were nothing compared to others who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Thankfully, I was able to tell one of my 1LT's mother's about his time with us. She was grateful. My top SF NCO also called her. He is now deceased as is she. The Montagnards I had paid the highest price. Only one Rhade yard,Y Blim Nie, survived that war. May They All Rest in peace.