Loud Mime
Since Feb 18, 2005

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If Conservatives refuse to unite, this nation will fail.

After years of study, I have learned that our Constitution has designed the best form of government in all history. Our problem is that liberalism has destroyed that design.

Liberalism is not being open-minded or open to change, although that's the veneer that is placed upon the evil body of its political machine by its acolytes. Liberalism is the manipulation of law, words and duties in the pursuit of power and benefits. It is why our government is in debt. It is why law is selective instead of evenly applied.

We must start our fight against liberalism in one of the easiest ways possible - - by controlling the framing of the argument. We measure politics from the Constitution, not the liberal's "center." We are Constitutional Centrists, not right-wingers.

Think about this.

My book, "Arguing for the Constitution," is available on Amazon. I'm working on a much better book now.