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15 Year Old Wisconsin Conservative Meets Bullying From Teachers

2012 - Syria’s Next Act (Obama DNI Clapper: WMD "unquestionably" moved from Iraq to Syria)

71% Of Obama Supporters Say Constitution Should Not Be Upheld

72-Page Report Documents Obama’s “Radical” Nominees and Appointments

A "Bloodless Coup"? (Is Obama imitating Hugo Chavez?)

A Philosophy - If You Can Get One (repost)

A Reform Ticket

Amnesty - Another Kennedy Carpool

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck (re: "birthers")

Archived Blog ~ LibertyRocks at

Are Democrats Dumber than Dolphins?

Are you looking for a job? (#5) [Look here first!]

Awesome! Chris Christie tells of apology from President of Teachers Union (Solid Brass Pair)

Biden Still Running for President (The Gaffes Keep Coming!)

Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

Blogs: Gods Graves Glyphs

BP disaster started in February?

Burt Prelutsky: The Marxist Brother

Celebrating the 9/12 rallies-TURNOUT EST RANGE FROM 350K (liberal) TO 2 MILLION (conservative)

CERTIFIGATE: The Constitutional Meaning Of "Natural Born Citizen"

Chilling Confirmation - Yes, Saddam Hussein was an Islamofascist threat.

Climategate: how the MSM reported the greatest scandal in modern science

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. (Trolling 101)

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. (Trolling 101)

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office

Deepwater Horizon: The Worst-Case Scenario

Did Communism Fake Its Own Death in 1991?

Earthquake 4.2 M - ARKANSAS

FAST & FURIOUS: Emails Show How 'Fast and Furious' Ambush News Unfolded At Justice Dept. 1-28-12

For all you bitter clingers out there: The 10 Best Guns Ever Made

Fr. Pavone Challenges Graduates to "Stop Counting the Cost" in Defending Cause of Life

Free Republic Homeschool Forum 2008-2009

FREE REPUBLIC HOMESCHOOLERS’ FORUM 2009-10 (How-to Start Homeschooling / Curriculum / More…)

GET HUMAN DOT COM - how to bypass automated phone system and talk to a real human being

Here come 'death panels'


Hussein's Historic Unpopularity - Rasmussen Index remains at -20

INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Your iPhone Was Built, In Part, By 13 Year-Olds Working 16 Hours/Day

Is Obama hiding something from his college days? Some link mystery years to Ayers..

Is Russia's Power on the Decline?

Israel Defends Self at U.N. Security Council Amidst Controversy Over Flotilla Raid

Israel Is at the Heart of Prophecy

James Carville: If Hillary Gave Obama "One Of Her Balls," He'd Have Two (video)

Jewish Whispering Campaign (Obama's treatment of Lieberman)

JIHAD IN WW1, Ottoman Jihad against the Russians, French, British and genocide on Christians

Jihad in WWII - The clear 'holy war' within the Muslim world [Historic truth]

Journal of the Federal Convention July 16th 1787

JournoList: 122 Names Confirmed (with News Organizations)

JournoList: 75 Names Confirmed (with news organizations)

List Good Movies I Can Watch Entirely on YouTube

Maxine Waters (D) Slip of the Tongue Reveals True Intentions (Socialism for America)

Military History Web page (Gold Mine of cool stuff)

My Name is Bosch and I’m a Recovered Muslim

My Train Wreck Conversion (Lesbian turns away, chooses Christianity)


Obama and Islam ( Baracka Hussein Abu Amama)

Obama Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio

Obama Linked to Phony Tea Party Smear Video - VIDEO

Obama on Palin ["Back off"]

Obama Under Republican Ethics Fire Over Housing (Obama Is "Turning The Page" Alright - Backwards

Obama, the African Colonial

Palin as TV sportscaster 1988

Pope Stuns Again! TSA Should Wear Condoms

Preparing for the End of the World: Making Your Family Tough

Psst: Hear the Roar and Pay Attention

Regarding salty talk aimed at the president (or other officials) vs visits from the SS

RELIGIOUS OPPRESSION: Land Says Obama Mandate Most Anti-Catholic Government Action in 150 Years

RTL: Anything Goes (Reproductive medicine grows ever more disturbing)

Russia Could Re-establish Naval Base in Syria

Russia, EU demand flotilla inquiry, Gaza opening

Russian, Chinese troops practice for war games

Saudi Prince Paid for Obama's Harvard Law Education: HRH Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz Alsaud

Soviet soldier in Afghanistan


Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In The Middle Of A War Zone


The 2007 FreeRepublic Lexicon (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook)

THE COMING WAVE (An Interview With Mother Abigail)

The Kremlin strategy for worldwide communist domination

The LibertyRocks Blog

The LibertyRocks Website

The Putin Jugend

The Right to Know

The Russian KGB's Long Term Goal to Use Islam to Destroy the USA

The States Can Do It. They can restore the Constitution

The Value of Service

The verbal assault on Islam (unbelievable!)

Today in history: March 6, 1970: Weather Underground idiots blow themselves up in NYC townhouse

Troops Fire Upon Protesters in Venezuela

TSA Full-Body Scans Would Not Pass Hospital IRB Reviews

U.S. Files Discrimination Lawsuits On Behalf Of Muslims

Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer

Video Of The Day: Barack Obama -- An Anti-White Racist

Vietnam War - The Impact of Media (A must See)

Web censorship bill sails through Senate committee

Who am I IN CHRIST? [Verses to pray in trying & other times)

Why Russia should sell weapons to Iran and Syria

Why we are helpless dealing with enemies on our own soil?

Yet Another Captured al-Qaeda Member Confirms UBL Had Camps In Saddam's Iraq

‘It Was My Child, Too’ Post-Abortive Men Find Their Voice