Since Jun 28, 2007

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Things that offend liberals:

Any one who has more then they do,Peaceful protest,not being able to control the masses, USC,The South, Christmas,self control, Walmart, oil (petroleum and trans fats), hard work, perceived micro aggressions,individualism, freedom of speech, white people, RICH PEOPLE,"the good old days", pro-lifers,logic, large houses, private property, trickle down economics, lowering taxes, heterosexual bakers, Sarah Palin, morals,Trump, plastic?, John Wayne,gender specific bathrooms,self sufficiency, accomplishments, doers, gun owners, guns, non-governmental agencies, charity for charity sake, old people who won’t take the red pill, the unborn, borders, calling someone in our country... who is here illegally... an illegal, meat eaters, people who do not live in the city,George Bush,President Hoover, Drudge, thinking for yourself, innocence, responsibility, Fox News, Nativity scenes, the Cross, the living, LIFE, heterosexuals, TRADITION, traditional families, logic, war when there is a Republican President (even if a dem started it), Rush Limbaugh, Duck Dynasty,sun tans?, unregulated anything, humor, criticism, manly men, feminine women, non-union workers, States with right to work, incandescent light bulbs,FACTS agriculture,merit system, truth,Intellectual honesty, Right-wingers, introspection, Israel, Texas, Flag pins, The Pledge Allegiance to the Flag,Our Forefathers, Nixon, Conservatism, School Choice, Elvis, Citizens of the US, varying opinions, common sens,.Old Glory,

THings that don’t offend liberals:

Acts of terrorism, Dictators, radicals,Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, When Americans are killed, democrats who kill people with guns, gender, MSNBC, CNN, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Lying, steeling, cheating, illegals, Sanctuary Cities, BLM, rape?, children molesters (excluding Catholic Priest),abortion,partial birth abortion, infanticide, massive debt (especially when a dem is in office) Massive unemployment (especially when a dem is in office), War/Conflicts (especially when a dem is in office),voter fraud, taking a dump on the US Flag, destruction of other people's propety, high taxes, black racism, muslim who abuse women,heavy regulation, big government, thugs, killing innocent cops,self serving politicians, being a hypocrite..