Since Dec 10, 2009

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Health tips we live by: Wash your freaking hands. Cover your cough. Antibacterial wipes: use them at the gas pump, the ATM & all pin-pads. Car door handles & steering wheel. I also swab my cards after each use. Bleach is your friend Vitamins A, C, D, B12 & Colloidal Silver Leave your shoes outside your house. Close the lid before you flush. If you must use a public toilet, bring seat not barehand faucet handles, soap dispensers or doors. kick it open or use a paper towel. I am a notorious “foot-flusher”. Basically, don’t touch anything. Doorknobs, doorknobs, doorknobs. Always operate under the assumption that the guy before you was an unhygienic pig.

Thinking about an upcoming family trip two states away - how many people could be infected by one sick toll-booth operator? This will be a back-roads only vacation.