Since Aug 18, 2005

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Best to describe myself?

Well, let me tell you first about my father.
we live in Serbia, former communist country. and we were not a regular family from communist country.
My childhood memories are of: Star Treks, John Wane and Robert E. Lee.
Not a regular communist country family.

As for Star Treks, it was kind a escape from reality, a place in future that resolved all the Earths problems and finally made something out of humanity. I hope that i will go to heaven and that Star Trek IS a future of human kind.
My father “infected” me with Star Treks, as I will my son- when I have one

As for John Wane- my father always said- He is last MAN of Hollywood, best actor in the world.
For some reason, although a communist nation, at the end of 80es state TV aired John Wanes “Green Berets”.
Me: dad.... John Wane is the greates, isnt he?
Dad: Sure is, son!
Me: Dad...John Wane is fighting communists in this movie?
Dad: Yes.... he is son.
Me: But.... we are a communists state?
Dad: Ough....welll... oh, we are..
Me: But John Wane is allways the good guy?
Dad: Yes.
Me: So the communists are bad?
Dad: .....In this movie, they are- but dont talk about our conversation in school. OK?
Next day I came from school:
Me: Dad! I told everyone how John Wane killed communists in that movie! Oh, teacher wants to talk to you....

Robert E. Lee.

My dad allways liked him. He said: He is last great American general. At that point I started to me man of my own, and to believe in different values than my father. While he remained a Trekkie - John Wane - communist fan and supporter of Confederated States Of America, I was JUST a fan of John Wane and a Trekkie. I was too young to remember communism well and I rather liked Union side more. Well, they had better looking uniforms. I was 15 at the time. While he was a fan of TOS Star Trek, I grew up with Next Generation. Our fights involved arguments about communism, Star Trek and American Civil war.