Since May 7, 2000

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Hello! I am a male born in 1970 (I don't update this page much, so instead of putting in my age, I'll use hard dates), married, and live in Ridgefield, CT, a distant suburb of New York City. I have a son who was born in Dec 2004 and a daughter born in January 2008. My politics are Conservative / libertarian (small "l").

I have a BS in Operations Research from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Rochester ("William E. Simon Graduate School"). I speak German fluently, and have lived, worked and studied in Germany: Koblenz was a city in which I studied at a business school, and hence my screen name. However, my outlook on life is definitely American.

I work for a private equity fund, and analyze company's financial statements. We specialize in the technology sector.

I have written some op-eds for papers such as The Dallas Morning News, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News.

Normally, I'd say don't vote libertarian, but instead vote for the more conservative candidate in the Republican primary. This is why I think the Club for Growth has the right idea. There's no point in voting LP and having a Democrat win... But we need to get the Republican party more in line with libertarian ideas, and the Club for Growth is making great strides in this regard.

I was born in Wisconsin, and I am a Packers fan. Other than watching the Packers, I watch some of the world series games, and sometimes go to a baseball game. But that's about it for sports. (I never even heard of Dale Earnhardt until he died.)

I like reading both fiction and non-fiction. I subscribe to most of the business magazines: Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Red Herring, and a few others. For political magazines, I like The American Spectator, as well as NR Online. I read various blogs: iSteve, Half Sigma, Fourth Checkraise and others.

A list of great books, in alphabetical order:

When driving my car, I almost always listen to books on tape, and often Teaching Company courses (now I listen to almost everything on my iPod).