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Ian Prayer List: .30Carbine; 1lawlady; barker; B Knotts; Basselope; BlessedBeGod; Brad's Gramma; CDHart; Citizen Soldier; dandelion; derllak; Diana in Wisconsin; Dmitry Vukicevich; Dubya; duckbutt; E.G.C.; ExTexasRedhead; Fawnn; giznort; GodBlessRonaldReagan; Grammy; GreenHornet; groanup; Hydroshock; JZelle; kattracks; Kimmers; lysie; Mamzelle; Marysecretary; napscoordinator; NonValueAdded; OldFriend; Palladin; paulat; pax_et_bonum; Pegita; pollyannaish; r9etb; Rte66; RottiBiz; rotundusmaximus; sageb1; Salvation; SeaBiscuit; spunkets; stanz; Smokin' Joe; SmoothTalker; SuziQ; TASMANIANRED; Texas Termite; trussell; Twinkie; Txsleuth; WV Mountain Mama; ZinGirl

Teresa's Prayer Team:Alamo-Girl; AliVeritas; Allegra; appleseed; azishot; B Knotts; BIGLOOK; blackie; BlessedBeGod; Brad's Gramma; Carley; Cementjungle; Cindy; combat_boots; cruise_missile; DLfromthedesert; E.G.C.; Fawnn; fatima; fieldmarshaldj; fishhound; GOP_Lady; Judith Anne; JZelle; kcvl; LdSentinal; libh8er; LucyJo; MarineMom613; Mrs. Frogjerk; mysterio; narses; NellieMae ; newman54; NoPrisoners; NormsRevenge; peggybac; Pegita; Perdogg; raybbr; RJL; Sam Cree; Smokin' Joe; Sprite518; Sun; SwinneySwitch; Talkradio03; Tribune7; Winstons Julia; WorkingClassFilth

You Are a Hard Boiled Egg
You are down to earth and hard to rattle. You have a good head on your shoulders.
You can be a bit stubborn at times, and your determination has only paid off for you.

You are straight with people, and you expect them to be straight with you in return.
You are very no nonsense. You don't have time for pettiness or drama.

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