Since Aug 24, 2005

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Forgot about this. I started as a FReeper I think in 2005 where I finally got a home computer. Later in life and also a degree in theology, know a few languages or did, have black belts in a few styles, was a security person at a synagogue/shul for a few years.
I suppose according to Napolitanos view but really I have no intention of being extreme. But I suppose just going to church, loving Jesus and being a good patriot makes me a critter to be feared as per DHS, what a joke if not so serious. I've turned my cheek a few times and wish to fight ( via the pen) for America and the constitution; God, country, brothers( and sisters)
I love it here( FReeperville), love the writing, the humor, the folks, and wish I could donate more.
Injuries are not getting better. My daughter is grown and lives in Israel. .
With all love and respect,
Karliner, the infidel, fighting infidelaphobes and xenophobes hopefully with some semblance of logic, moral absolutes and the God of the Bible.