Since Aug 24, 2005

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Forgot about this. I started as a FReeper I think in 2005 where I finally got a home computer. I used to work for the government ( fed, mil and state) in one capacity or another.
Have taught martial arts for many years until a severe assault while on a job in a hospital setting which destroyed my back and neck during a riot ( I was a psych nurse at the time) which also destroyed my life as I cannot work anymore and it troubles me. I want to work so bad, want to move out of California and will work under the table if I have to.
, I am not an activist though consider myself a less silent of the silent majority. I'm a Christian, with Jewish blood and consider myself a mystic of sorts. Got a degree in engineering( structural) then nursing later and was a “spook.( that’s what my army friends called me). Later in life and also a degree in theology, know a few languages or did, have black belts in a few styles, was a security person at a synagogue/shul for a few years after the assault/injury that finished my carer(s).
I suppose according to Napolitanos view but really I have no intention of being extreme. But I suppose just going to church, loving Jesus and being a good patriot makes me a critter to be feared as per DHS, what a joke if not so serious. I've turned my cheek a few times and wish to fight ( via the pen) for America and the constitution; God, country, brothers( and sisters)
I love it here( FReeperville), love the writing, the humor, the folks, and wish I could donate more.
Injuries are not getting better. My daughter is grown and lives in Israel. No immediate family; all dead, have a great SEAL cousin( 2nd cousin 1st Lt) and others in military but no one close.
With all love and respect,
CK aka Karliner, the infidel, fighting infidelaphobes and xenophobes hopefully with some semblance of logic, moral absolutes and the God of the Bible.