Since Dec 18, 1998

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Former Carter voter (but have been attending 12 step program for years).

Reagan Democrat who converted to the Good Side of the Force.


Didn't care much about the Second Amendment until I saw how lawless Clinton was.

Always entertained by the "Creationist/Darwinist debate".

I am a paid political operative of Karl Rove. I go down to Latin American countries on beheast of the CIA to destablize them. I pull wings off of flies and make them walk home. I flunked out of middle school but my Dad is a rich and powerful Republican corporate maven who sugar-coated my resume and got me into a famous Ivy League school where I goofed off but got high B's there because they have such high grade inflation that even the smart guys don't bother to study. Attended the meetings for Young Campus Democrats so I could get lots of free beer. In spite of this exposure to higher learning I'm dumb as a post, easily persuaded by those who claim they are either logical or at least feel real strong about a topic. Around educated people I serve wines from Australia or South Africa, but when I'm alone I get smashed on Pete's Wicked Ale, you know what I mean?

Very little of the last paragraph is true, actually, except pulling the wings off of flies, and if I'm contacted by PETA I'll deny that too. "Dad, what were you really like as a kid?" "Son, I was a geek who didn't get into much trouble. I didn't do drugs or mess with the babes or any of it. I'm really a nice guy. I'm so ashamed...."