Since Jun 6, 2003

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Young Hippie (in the 60’s) turned Old Redneck (in the 70’s). Still trying to find my way .... eventually into the afterlife.

Did 12 years of Catholic School in my youth which should have helped more in skipping the hippie phase. Have sworn off both.

Proudly live on a farm that I farm in a very Conservative Northern California small foothill town. Proud of my County (El Dorado), embarrassed by my State and less and less proud of our country’s current path.

Owned several businesses, had hundreds of employees many that I still keep current with. I will never retire even when my body wears out. Worked for years as a keyboard player in a number of bands and still play and write every day.

I believe a man defines himself by his relationships with God and his fellow man (OK, and my lovely wife and kids have their suggestions)

An avid History and science reader for many years I wonder how some of my liberal friends can read the same books and adhere to their lunacy.

Read with interest studies on Consciousness and psychology

Have followed P.E.A.R for about 25 years as well as many off shoots it has lead to.


FReerepublic is a great addiction .... sometimes it is like listening to Michael Savage when I need to scream except many who post / comment here are not only VERY FUNNY but often more knowledgeable.

Thank You and may God Bless you ..... even if you’re an A$$