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Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!)

This Is What Ancient Greeks Would Have Called Donald Trump

From TIME magazine. DDT's reading material but I bet he would be proud.

Devin Singh March 18, 2016

"Though coming in many forms, the tyrannos is a figure who, usually through great personal wealth, circumvents established political processes to attain power. Often an outsider or one of the wealthy elite, the tyrant flouts conventions of discourse and forums for debate. The tyrant ignores traditions of deliberation and steamrolls opposition. Ultimately, a tyrant rises to power in ways that undermine democratic structures, leaving the ruler unaccountable to those ruled or to the checks and balances of the system."

Needless to say that on this 25th day of April 2016 I will probably be banned. DDT would be proud. It's ok for his supporters to call someone a liar with no proof of the lies. NONE. No references, just little storm trumpers being like their idol. When Cruz outsmarts y'all and is nominated, I'll be less stressed because at least there will be someone to fight the dems not make deals like the last 50 years. So, bye!