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Farewell to the following :




As a Post Script, goodbye to my beloved cat Squeek.........

She came into my life on December 22, 2004 at the age of 1 year old thru the Michigan Cat Rescue organization as an extremely obese feline who weighed in at 15 lbs. Every morning she would jump onto my bed then walk over onto my chest and proceed to kneed her paws and gently tap my face until I would wake up and go into the kitchen to feed her, usually at 4:30 a.m.

That all came to an end a year later when she attempted to jump onto the bed but because of her weight, she fell back and broke her hind leg. $1,800.00 later, her leg, via surgery, was healed and she was put on a diet that brought her down to a respectable 11 lbs. While the early morning ritual continued, she would simply jump onto the bed then walk across my chest and rub her head against the cabinet next to my bed then sit next to me until I got out of bed to feed her. This wonderful ritual continued for the next 12 years.

Four weeks ago she started limping and following a trip to the veterinarian, it was determined that she had a fracture of her left front leg that was due to a cancerous tumor that had eaten into her bone thus causing the fracture. Her leg could have been amputated but there was no guarantee that the cancer cells hadn’t already spread to her organs and there was no way I would have allowed Squeek to undergo such surgery. So the vet put her on pain medication in an effort to make her as comfortable as possible in her final days.

Well her final days eventually came to and end when the pain medication did not improve her condition which was evident in the way she tried to walk. Her front leg limp continued to deteriorate and her hind legs seemed to have lost strength and coordination to the point that she was struggling to walk. Despite the pain she was suffering, she still sat next to my bed at 4:00 a.m. quietly trying to meow in order to wake me up. That’s when I had to make the most awful decision in my life.

But she’s gone now and all the little insignificant reminders of her presence are gone too. Her food and water bowls that sat on the kitchen floor for 13 years are now gone. Her little bed that laid outside my bedroom for all those years is gone too, as is the scratching post that used to sit next to it.

The litter box at the bottom of the basement stairway has been removed. No matter where I was in the house, any one of these items was visible as a reminder of her residence here even though she may not have been in sight.

A freshly vacuumed living room floor would the next day show her tiny paw prints where she had walked thru there the night after remains untouched today. Her several cat toys which normally lay on the floor have been picked up and thrown away with the exception of Squeeky Mouse and Petey Possum which sit on the mantle above my computer desk, never to be played with again but will be the sole reminder of my best friend Squeek.

Having been forced to make such a decision as this, I will forever be plagued with doubts as to whether or not I made the right choice in putting her down. But I truly believe in my heart that my decision was the right one to make in order to end the pain she was in and would have continued to suffer had I not made this choice.

When I walk thru the house, she’s not in her bed, she’s not in the den and she’s not in the kitchen waiting for dinner. There is nothing left of her, Squeek is gone. And while my home may be full of stuff such as furniture, TV’s, shoes on the floor, as I walk through it, it’s empty of everything that really mattered to me. Squeek is gone and I miss her dearly…………

RIP Squeek…………12/22/2004 – 9/17/2016