Since Jun 25, 2003

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Historicus is a transplanted Pennsylvanian that moved to this oppressive police state in 91, due to employment.
He knew he was in trouble when he attempted to order a slingshot for his 10 year old son via mail order and was told,'i'm sorry sir but we can't ship a slingshot to New jersey, they are illegal in your state.
Historicus loves saltwater fishing, one of the few things he likes about Joisey.
He is also a Civil War Buff, his great great grandfather being a member of the famous 48th Pennsylvania volunteer regiment of General Burnsides 9th corps. A former coal miner, he was present during the siege of Petersburg and contributed in digging the Mine shaft.
Historicus stole his 'Nom De Guerre" from Union General Dan Sickles, who used the same pen name after the war in letters attempting to justify his failed military career.