Since Aug 25, 1998

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This is me at the 2008 Reno Air Races

Meeting Sarah Palin at Iron Dog 2014, Wasilla, Alaska

She is Hot Hot Hot

visited 34 states (68%)
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visited 20 states (8.88%)
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Interests: Shooting, Radio Control Aircraft, Camping, Hanggliding, Air Racing

Politicians most admired: Governor Sarah Palin, President Ronald W. Reagan
Politicians least admired: Barak Hussein Obama, the Clintons, Al Gore, JFK, LBJ, FDR

Married (9-4-2004), 61, white heterosexual male
Retired US Air Force (1977-97) Meteorologist

Current Job:
Meteorological Tech with National Weather Service, King Salmon, Alaska

You Are 80% Capitalist, 20% Socialist
In general, you support a free economy and business interests.
You tend to think people should fend for themselves, even when times get tough.
However, do think the government should help those who are truly in need.

You Should Live in a Red State
Your preferences are 75% Red, 25% Blue
You may not vote Republican, but you feel comfortable around people who do.

You tend to do best in redder states - like Alaska and Texas.
You are down to earth and unpretentious. You respect a hard day's work.

Why is it, liberals who are so opposed to profits, have NO problem cashing their paychecks every week?