Since Oct 7, 2003

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I'm a conservative who will not vote for a Democrat and am very leary of most Republicans. Even so I find I spend a great deal of time in the Religious section of this board where people have accused me of baiting, being inflammatory, a poor writer, ill-humored, intellectually disingenuous or a host of other neurotic personality disorders. Contrary to these opinions I’m really a very nice person although most would probably find me boring.

There are truths that I hold from a Christian perspective. First, it is my belief that ecumenicalism is subversive to God's word. While most Christians feel we should join together to evangelize the world I would differ with my Christian brethren that it is far more important to have a right understanding about God and who He is. In ecumenicalism people fail to take a stand to many of God’s truths based upon scriptures fearing to offend. This reduces God's message to a few pat cliques. In the end by cutting out this or that piece because THEY feel other Christians see it differently, they negate the truth of God doing Him, themselves and others a great disservice.

Another truth that I hold is there are only two Christian beliefs in this world. One is the Reformed belief in which God freely and willfully saves men acting according to His divine purpose. Dr. John Piper from www.desiringgod.org best summarizes my basic beliefs:

All other Christian beliefs fall into what I often classify as Arminianism. To be fair this second belief isn’t true Arminianism per se but incorporates a belief that man is capable to willfully surrender himself to God. Please see There Are Only Two Religions in the Whole World by John G. Reisinger.

Either man embraces a man-centered theology (anthropocentric), or he holds to a God-centered theology (theocentric). If one wants to remain consistent with the truth taught in the Bible, that is, what God reveals to his creatures concerning himself, one has no alternative but to choose a God-centered theology. God saves men. For God declares that all things are done for His purpose and His glory. For further details please see: Complete Grace by Damian M. Romano .

To those who are often at disagreements with me I ask your understanding when I fail to state things clearly. It is my prayer that we all listen with an open heart and mind.