Since Oct 3, 1998

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Hello all! I have been conservative my entire life. As a child I loved President Reagan, and my 1st political fight(of many) was with my 3rd grade teacher regarding President Reagan's tax cut. I have 3 framed letters from my heros on my wall: President Reagan, Justice Clerance Thomas, First Lady Laura Bush. I was in junior high when Thomas' confirmation hearing was held. I wrote him a letter of encouragement quoting Cryano de Bergerac. He wrote me a beautiful, grateful letter in return.

I lurked on FR for a year before joining the debate during Clinton's impeachment hearing. Thank you all for being here in the dark days of Klintoon. Most of all thank you Jim for my sanity and the best site on the web.

I lived in Livingston, NJ on 9/11:I lived in New Orleans from April 2002-March 2006: I am currently living in Downtown DC, awaiting the next diaster.