Since Jan 17, 2002

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A quick explanation of the user name. There are more than two ways to go about identifying oneself on the intarwebs. Some choose to just come right out and state their name. This is great for published authors and folks who may have other defenses up (I would hope) so that they don’t necessarily need to worry about folks finding their locational and other personal information.

Then there’s the group that choose something that would readily identify themselves by an avocation or hobby. You know the type, “HomeschoolerMom” or “CessnaPilot” and so on.

Then there’s the anonymous type of username that seeks to cloak the identity behind obscurity. Some go so far as to attach (seemingly) random numbers to a not-too obvious standard name.

GreenAccord is sort of a quasi-readily identifiable name and completely anonymous one. Do I own a green Honda Accord? Well, I used to. But here in Ohio, where Accords are made, there’s no more common vehicle than a Honda Accord. And the predominant color? Yep. When I owned it, I often thought I could speed on the interstate simply because if a patrolman clocked me, by the time he wheeled around to pursue, he’d be faced with 2 or 3 green Accords all traveling in a group. Anonymity defined!

I was no more fond of that car than I was my refrigerator. In fact, that car was an appliance. It just ran and ran and ran.