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  • UFC 197 Thread

    04/23/2016 4:42:30 PM PDT · 31 of 99
    GreenAccord to EEGator
    He chose to leave, and he emailed me. He is not a Trump guy...

    Well, neither am I but I am still here. This place has become quite a turf war this cycle. Puzzling. I can't fault him for it. Thanks for the explanation.

    Hey, also, I think I can see that indeed, some of the HTML help I sent along in my PM got "absorbed" by the mailing system. If you need more assistance, let me know. I know how to type the instructions so they appear properly, it just takes more time.

  • UFC 197 Thread

    04/23/2016 4:27:17 PM PDT · 28 of 99
    GreenAccord to EEGator

    Can I ask what became of Manic that it was understood he wasn’t going to post his typical UFC thread? I see that his account isn’t banned, so not sure. Is it okay to ask?

  • UFC 197 Thread

    04/23/2016 3:56:40 PM PDT · 13 of 99
    GreenAccord to corlorde

  • J.J. Watt Comments on His Retirement Plan

    04/06/2016 7:49:43 PM PDT · 3 of 4
    GreenAccord to doorgunner69

    A guy like JJ Watt will make more from a career as an on-air talent and via endorsements. The football career has already served its purpose, preparing him for a role as an in-studio guy or the color announcer for games.

  • Hillary Clinton’s $600 haircut ties up traffic

    03/31/2016 8:11:39 AM PDT · 7 of 36
    GreenAccord to NYRepublican72
    According to one witness, “Hillary’s entourage was blocking traffic early this morning, and waiting as Hillary got her hair done before heading up to do an event at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.”

    I don't know whether to believe this witness unless someone can tell me whether they support Cruz or whether they support Trump.

    At least, that seems to be the trend here on FR lately.

  • Police officer: Trump protesters were ‘the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen’

    03/21/2016 11:14:29 AM PDT · 34 of 51
    GreenAccord to SandRat

    Did you mean to post a FIRE WEATHER WATCH on a Trump thread?

  • 2016 F1 Grand Prix Running Live Thread

    03/19/2016 6:54:00 PM PDT · 25 of 80
    GreenAccord to Chode

    I made it thru almost all of Q1, then ffwd’d thru a lot of Q2 - to the 7 min mark - then watched most of that - but by Q3’s 3rd car elimination, as it sat in the pits, I literally stopped the DVR and deleted the recording. The knockout qualifying is a failure in my opinion. I bet I’m not alone in that assessment.

  • Pro Gun Mom charged with theft.

    03/11/2016 8:25:22 AM PST · 27 of 32
    GreenAccord to wyowolf
    Hmmmm. Wouldn't it be cool to read a news article titled:

    Pro-Abortion Former Secretary of State Charged with Treason

  • Obama Skipping Nancy Reagan Funeral to Go to SXSW Festival

    03/09/2016 2:24:13 AM PST · 21 of 82
    GreenAccord to eartick

    Okay, that actually made me laugh.

  • Why The Latest Shocking News From The FBI About Clinton’s Emails Indicates She’s Going To Jail

    03/07/2016 9:45:23 AM PST · 39 of 127
    GreenAccord to Hojczyk

    It seems there is now ample evidence that classified information flowed freely through the clandestine email server Clinton had set up. And yet, with this prima facie evidence of what is unquestionably a federal crime, Hillary continues on, seemingly untouchable.

    I think what it will take for this to go anywhere beyond “partisan witch hunting” is to find emails related to illicit fundraising and crony capitalism back-scratching. Because it really boils down to this: Even if Clinton’s email server was a veritable classified information spigot to foreign and domestic enemies, it’s all uninteresting unless there is evidence that shows WHY she had the illegal server created: To prevent FOIA requests from finding her emails about money-for-access and privilege.

  • A vote for Ted Cruz or, Marco Rubio is awasted vote (Vanity)

    03/01/2016 4:30:40 AM PST · 18 of 119
    GreenAccord to Axeslinger
    Don’t even give his thread the time of day. Let the trumpeters come here and have their echo chamber.

    You're probably right. Maybe we should threadjack this thing with random images.

  • A vote for Ted Cruz or, Marco Rubio is awasted vote (Vanity)

    03/01/2016 4:25:08 AM PST · 5 of 119
    GreenAccord to JLAGRAYFOX

    Shouldn’t there be one of those disclaimers at the end of this vanity where we hear: “I’m Donald Trump, and I approved this message.”?

    It’s primary season. Vote for whom you want. It can affect the platform, even if your chosen candidate doesn’t win. No amount of all-in for the lead guy will change the in-the-tank nature of the press.

  • Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EST,WOR AM,February 29,2016

    02/29/2016 9:50:25 AM PST · 164 of 651
    GreenAccord to Biggirl

    I am not a regular on these Rush threads, but I feel motivated to post a question as this plays out:

    Will Rush take calls on this subject and wouldn’t it be great if someone were to ask him if he quashed his use of the word AMNESTY in the weeks and months after this clandestine meeting?


    02/23/2016 7:32:18 PM PST · 19 of 19
    GreenAccord to Travis T. OJustice

    Adverts, my man. Adverts. Fractions of a penny per page view, but... 34 million views later, five digit income.


    02/23/2016 12:52:07 PM PST · 8 of 19
    GreenAccord to Jamestown1630

    Shhhhh. Keep that down. We like to think we’re being genuinely entertained.

    Actually, just this weekend my wife just learned that the most viral of videos are huge (YUGE?) money makers. One of the most famous is the one of the kid named Daniel who’s dad taped him coming out of dental anesthesia in the back seat of his car, and it netted ma and pa $150 large. (and counting).

    Knowing that youtube-ers are in it for this kind of skin, I let her in on the slightly disappointing little secret; much of what we consume as entertainment on YT is likely staged. There’s simply too much money to be made. I am not saying it’s ALL staged, just that much of the prank and situationally-based humor has proven to be set up.

  • Dyslexic employee wins discrimination case against Starbucks

    02/10/2016 11:51:03 AM PST · 35 of 48
    GreenAccord to dware
    I imagine life is pretty rough for a dyslexic person named Meseret Kumulchew...

    Why do you have to be such a Wet Heckler Museum?

  • He threw a tantrum. She ignored him.

    02/05/2016 7:31:25 AM PST · 56 of 78
    GreenAccord to zek157

    I’m glad to see someone got it.

  • You're for Trump, I'm for Cruz

    01/29/2016 7:58:40 PM PST · 9 of 228
    GreenAccord to KittenClaws

    You’re for Trump
    and I’m for CRUZ

    One might win
    but one will lose

    Gimmie five
    or give me ten

    either’ll be better
    than obama’s been

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/28

    01/28/2016 8:54:55 PM PST · 344 of 362
    GreenAccord to DoughtyOne

    Vote Cruz

  • Why is Leslie Nielsen STILL dead?

    01/25/2016 12:30:12 PM PST · 51 of 53
    GreenAccord to RetiredTexasVet

    Reminds me of the joke/insult you could say about a mental opponent:

    “They’re the kind of person, when they read, you can see their lips move.”

    “Yeah, so?”

    “At a Stop sign.”

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/25

    01/25/2016 8:53:02 AM PST · 252 of 379
    GreenAccord to DoughtyOne

    Vote Cruz

  • I love you all, Ted Cruz supporters!

    01/19/2016 9:16:59 AM PST · 11 of 40
    GreenAccord to Lazamataz

    In before someone proposes reply counts per thread to gauge candidate viability

  • LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Special Announcement Rally in Ames, IA at Iowa State (1-19-16) 5:00(CST)

    01/19/2016 5:03:35 AM PST · 27 of 451
    GreenAccord to Mangia E Statti Zitto
    My question is, how does one know whether or not the persons name on the actual tweet is the real person?

    So in an effort to increase your twitter awareness by 2.432%, for famous people, twitter uses a verification process that ends up placing a little blue check mark next to verified accounts so you'll know when you're viewing the real twitter account of anyone of any sort of fame.

  • LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Special Announcement Rally in Ames, IA at Iowa State (1-19-16) 5:00(CST)

    01/19/2016 4:58:56 AM PST · 26 of 451
    GreenAccord to Perdogg; Mangia E Statti Zitto
    No, that's not Palin's twitter account.

    Sarah Palin's real Twitter Account


  • Trump bungles Bible reference at Liberty University

    01/18/2016 10:32:33 AM PST · 11 of 460
    GreenAccord to BuckeyeTexan

    Imagine had Jokebama had referred to any 1st or 2nd books of the bible in this manner. Ugh.

  • VANITY-Have to Buy A New Car-Any Recommendations?

    01/13/2016 5:18:47 AM PST · 35 of 102
    GreenAccord to AbolishCSEU

    Buy a [make and model of the car I bought], they are [superlative here]. Mine has [various mileage count here] miles. [so I am validated for buying it].


    Watch out for [make and model of the car I bought]. They all have [problem I am experiencing] issues. [This is how I am going to stick it to the manufacturer of the car I bought]


    Don’t buy a new car. Buy a used car. I bought a [X < 2016] and it’s been incredibly reliable. [Please validate the purchasing strategy I use]

    In all seriousness, there’s a ton of VERY subjective qualities that go into finding the car for you. Certainly there are models to steer clear of, but once you narrow down your choices across a few makes and models, I would recommend using to see what an appropriate price should be. Pay attention to trim levels so it’s an apple to apple comparison.

    Some things to consider, especially if you’re planning to keep your purchase a long time (5+ years):
    - What do replacement tires cost (use to find this)
    - Does the engine require premium fuel?
    - How much is insurance per year on it?
    - Is there free scheduled maintenance and how long does this last?
    - And of course, how long is the full warranty and optionally, how long is the power train warranty?
    - Don’t purchase dealer add-ons, as they are huge profit centers for the dealer.

  • Read North Korea's Positively Insane Statement On Its Hydrogen Bomb

    01/06/2016 8:44:16 AM PST · 8 of 50
    GreenAccord to thackney
    May I suggest running future posts through:

    Replace smart quotes with regular straight quotes

    You are this hour's winner of the internet.

    Last night, following reports of unusual seismic activity in the region, the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea announced it detonated its first hydrogen bomb in an underground test. But when you're North Korea, you don't just come out say, “Hey, look what we did.” No, you have to make a deeply bizarre pageant out of everything.

    North Korea Says It Has Detonated Its First Hydrogen Bomb (Updated)
    A 5.1 magnitude quake was detected about 30 miles from North Korea's Punggye-Ri nuclear test site...
    Read more
    The country's state-run Korean Central News Agency released a statement on the alleged detonation last night and it is everything we've come to expect from North Korea: surreal, full of patriotic bravado, rife with allusions to their “Juche” political philosophy of extreme self-reliance, and in bad need of copy editing.

    As Vox explains, North Korea's statements are “known for their beyond-parody bluster and hyperbole” and flawed English translations, leading to some old-school wacko-bird 1950s Communist lingo updated for the Twitter era. This statement takes all of that to new heights.

    A few highlights:

    “Eye-catching miracles”

    “H-bomb of justice”

    “the national history spanning 5,000 years in the exciting period”

    “the Korean people came to demonstrate the spirit of the dignified nation equipped with the most powerful nuclear deterrent”

    “The U.S. is a gang of cruel robbers which has worked hard to bring even a nuclear disaster to the DPRK”

    “Had no adverse impact on the ecological environment” (LOL sure)

    “The army and people of the DPRK will steadily escalate its nuclear deterrence of justice both in quality and quantity”

    “Nothing is more foolish than dropping a hunting gun before herds of ferocious wolves”

    “The DPRK, a responsible nuclear weapons state” (Again, LOL sure)

    You can read the full statement below. The wording may be funny, but the situation isn't, especially for the other countries in that sphere—and the U.S.—who must deal with North Korea's unpredictability and apparent newfound nuclear force.

    There took place a world startling event to be specially recorded in the national history spanning 5,000 years in the exciting period when all service personnel and people of the DPRK are making a giant stride, performing eye-catching miracles and exploits day by day after turning out as one in the all-out charge to bring earlier the final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche, true to the militant appeal of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

    The first H-bomb test was successfully conducted in the DPRK at 10:00 on Wednesday, Juche 105 (2016), pursuant to the strategic determination of the WPK.

    Through the test conducted with indigenous wisdom, technology and efforts the DPRK fully proved that the technological specifications of the newly developed H-bomb for the purpose of test were accurate and scientifically verified the power of smaller H-bomb.

    It was confirmed that the H-bomb test conducted in a safe and perfect manner had no adverse impact on the ecological environment.

    The test means a higher stage of the DPRK’s development of nuclear force.

    By succeeding in the H-bomb test in the most perfect manner to be specially recorded in history the DPRK proudly joined the advanced ranks of nuclear weapons states possessed of even H-bomb and the Korean people came to demonstrate the spirit of the dignified nation equipped with the most powerful nuclear deterrent.

    This test is a measure for self-defence the DPRK has taken to firmly protect the sovereignty of the country and the vital right of the nation from the ever-growing nuclear threat and blackmail by the U.S.-led hostile forces and to reliably safeguard the peace on the Korean Peninsula and regional security.

    Since the appearance of the word hostility in the world there has been no precedent of such deep-rooted, harsh and persistent policy as the hostile policy the U.S. has pursued towards the DPRK.

    The U.S. is a gang of cruel robbers which has worked hard to bring even a nuclear disaster to the DPRK, not content with having imposed the thrice-cursed and unheard-of political isolation, economic blockade and military pressure on it for the mere reason that it has differing ideology and social system and refuses to yield to the former’s ambition for aggression.

    The Korean Peninsula and its vicinity are turning into the world's biggest hotspot where a nuclear war may break out since they have been constantly stormed with all nuclear strike means of the U.S. imperialist aggressor troops, including nuclear carrier strike group and nuclear strategic flying corps.

    While kicking up all forms of economic sanctions and conspiratorial “human rights” racket against the DPRK with mobilization of the hostile forces, the U.S. has made desperate efforts to block its building of a thriving nation and improvement of the people's living standard and “bring down its social system”.

    The DPRK’s access to H-bomb of justice, standing against the U.S., the chieftain of aggression watching for a chance for attack on it with huge nukes of various types, is the legitimate right of a sovereign state for self-defense and a very just step no one can slander.

    Genuine peace and security cannot be achieved through humiliating solicitation or compromise at the negotiating table.

    The present-day grim reality clearly proves once again the immutable truth that one’s destiny should be defended by one’s own efforts.

    Nothing is more foolish than dropping a hunting gun before herds of ferocious wolves.

    The spectacular success made by the DPRK in the H-bomb test this time is a great deed of history, a historic event of the national significance as it surely guarantees the eternal future of the nation.

    The DPRK is a genuine peace-loving state which has made all efforts to protect peace on the Korean Peninsula and security in the region from the U.S. vicious nuclear war scenario.

    The DPRK, a responsible nuclear weapons state, will neither be the first to use nuclear weapons nor transfer relevant means and technology under any circumstances as already declared as long as the hostile forces for aggression do not encroach upon its sovereignty.

    There can neither be suspended nuclear development nor nuclear dismantlement on the part of the DPRK unless the U.S. has rolled back its vicious hostile policy toward the former.

    The army and people of the DPRK will steadily escalate its nuclear deterrence of justice both in quality and quantity to reliably guarantee the future of the revolutionary cause of Juche for all ages.

    Juche Korea will be prosperous forever as it holds fast to the great WPK’s line of simultaneously pushing forward the two fronts.
  • Rush Graphic, GOP Pushing Grandpa Uncle Sam Off a Cliff in a Wheelchair

    12/17/2015 5:34:26 PM PST · 6 of 8
    GreenAccord to CharlesOConnell; Admin Moderator

    Can we fix the linked url so it isn’t simply displaying the image itself and instead directs a reader to Rush’s content?

  • 'Someone's Got To Wear the Pants In This Family': Kia Commercial Mocks American Husband

    12/13/2015 6:34:33 PM PST · 14 of 84
    GreenAccord to governsleastgovernsbest

    Warning: Partial Threadjack

    The Allstate commercial where the prissy chick’s voice becomes Dennis Haysbert’s as she silences her boyfriend after she asks him how she could have gotten a good driver discount. That commercial is just one in a long line of emaciating, men are idiots, themed commercials. Ugh.

  • Sen. Markey: 39 Years Voting ‘Present’ (Mark Steyn confronts Markey at climate heraing)

    12/13/2015 7:28:44 AM PST · 25 of 30
    GreenAccord to dennisw

    Actually there is a “trick” if you will. I used the F12 function to open the DEV TOOLS and drilled right to the raw HTML. Consider it VIEW SOURCE on steroids. You can extract specific HTML on a page with it - but in Brietbart’s case, you still have to remove some seriously ugly content management URLs embedded in the body. Then all that was left was to remove the problem quote marks and ellipses and hyphens.

  • Sen. Markey: 39 Years Voting ‘Present’ (Mark Steyn confronts Markey at climate heraing)

    12/12/2015 8:05:47 AM PST · 16 of 30
    GreenAccord to dennisw

    Took about ten minutes of HTML manipulation and removal. Nothing crazy - and I even yanked all the unicode quotes that make articles and posts so difficult to read as of late. I know how awful many regard the Breitbart webpage scripts so I wanted to bring that content into the thread.

  • Sen. Markey: 39 Years Voting ‘Present’ (Mark Steyn confronts Markey at climate heraing)

    12/12/2015 6:32:11 AM PST · 8 of 30
    GreenAccord to dennisw
    U.S. Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA)12%, D-MA, has long labored in the shadows of the Bay State statesmen who preceded him, but Tuesday the Congressional lifer managed something few solons from Massachusetts or anywhere else have ever accomplished.

    First, he let two hostile witnesses take over a Senate subcommittee hearing on global warming and begin questioning him. Then, about two minutes into the relentless cross examination - by a woman and a Canadian author - "Fast Eddie' began foaming at the mouth.

    Literally. Fee-fi-foaming at the mouth. Watch the video for yourself.

    Markey, who has been in Congress since the Gerald Ford administration, was at a subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill being chaired by

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), R-TX. Two of Cruz' witnesses were climatologist Judith Curry and Mark Steyn, the writer and climate-change skeptic who is Rush Limbaugh's number-one fill-in host. Steyn jokes that he is "America's undocumented anchorman," while a George Soros-financed website this week attempted to disparage him as a "shock jock."

    Markey read a few pro-warmist talking points written by his staff, then stood up to leave the room. But Dr. Curry was incensed by his attack on her.

    "Have you read my testimony?" she asked the former ice-cream truck driver once known in his hometown of Malden as "Mr. Frosty." "Have you read my testimony?"

    The blood drained from Markey's face. Have you read my testimony? Point of order, Mr. Chairman. No trick questions allowed!

    "Why can't she respond?" Steyn yelled. "You impugned her integrity!"

    Markey started sputtering... 97 percent of scientists... warmest year ever... trend is straight up.

    Steyn interrupted again: "Do you know what the Little Ice Age was, Senator?"

    The Little Ice Age! Not even the most eminent warmists like Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry can explain away the Little Ice Age. It's like waving a crucifix, a silver bullet and a clove of garlic in Dracula's face all at once. Markey was in full panic mode now. He began babbling inane gibberish about the Winter of '15, the coldest and snowiest ever in Boston, 110 inches of global warming.

    This was when the spittle began forming on his lower lip.

    "The warming of the ocean intensifies the amount of precipitation when Arctic air hits that water."

    In other words, the warmer it gets, the colder it gets, not to mention snowier. Whatever you say, Mr. Frosty.

    Steyn knew now that he had Markey on the ropes. Markey was fighting way above his weight class. Steyn began interrupting him with one pointed barb after another. Again, remember, Steyn was the witness, and he had hijacked the hearing from a solon who's been in Congress since 1976.

    "Do you know what the winters were like at Plymouth Rock, senator?"

    "Well, here is the thing. We..."

    "You don't. How long has your family been in Massachusetts?"

    "We are new arrivals and I have to admit..."

    "You should have been in there in 1750."

    It was just another day in the life of Ed Markey, a lightweight's lightweight, a sheep in sheep's clothing.

    As the latest US senator from Massachusetts, Mr. Frosty has had some mighty small shoes to fill. He's not a whoremonger like JFK, or a blustering woman-drowning drunk with a legacy of some of the most ruinous legislation ever, like Ted Kennedy. He's not a smug, sanctimonious preening gigolo like John Kerry, or a duplicitous fraud like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

    At age 69, he's too old to die tragically young, like Paul Tsongas did of cancer at age 55. It's likewise too late for him to follow in the footsteps of Ed Brooke, the nation's first elected black senator since Reconstruction, and have sex with Barbara Walters (she's 86 now).

    But in his own small way, Markey is as appalling as any of his better-known predecessors. At the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Southie, then-Senate President Billy Bulger would always say of Markey:

    "To a battle of wits he comes unarmed."

    As Congressman for 37 years, Markey used to show up at another St. Patrick's Day time, sponsored by a newspaper publisher in Everett, a city in his district. It was also the hometown of the then-Speaker of the Massachusetts House, George Keverian, another Democrat.

    One year at the breakfast Markey was bemoaning what he said was his shabby treatment at the hands of the Everett weekly newspaper.

    "Why," he whined, "does everybody hate me?"

    Speaker Keverian leaned into the microphone. "Why, Eddie? Because you're an asshole."

    Markey came out of Malden, a blue-collar suburb a few towns north of Boston. He was first elected in 1972 as a pro-life Catholic. He is now of course 100 percent "pro-choice."

    His big break came when US Rep. Torbert Macdonald, a Harvard classmate and crony of JFK, died in office in 1976. Markey, using a network that included his old customers from his days on the ice cream truck as Mr. Frosty, jumped into the fight.

    Markey's claim to fame in that first race was that he'd tangled at the State House with the then Speaker (not Keverian). The Speaker had evicted Markey from his tiny basement office and put his desk in the hall. Markey made a TV spot: "They can tell Ed Markey where to sit, but they can't tell him where to stand."

    He won a seven-way Democrat primary with 22 percent of the vote.

    He was sworn into office in November 1976, and he's been in Washington ever since, leaving next to no footprints, sitting and standing wherever the leadership tells him to.

    At the beginning, Markey fancied himself a Kennedy-esque figure. Even now Massachusetts teems with such wannabees - K-Mart Kennedys, as they're called. He even once tried to get his brother elected to Congress from a nearby district. Lightning did not strike twice.

    His first national exposure came in 1979, when the real Kennedy began running for president. A network camera crew was invited in to do a day-in-the-life piece on Teddy for the nightly news. They were rolling as Teddy's aide Rick Burke called Markey's office and got him on the line. What happened next was recounted by Burke in his 1992 tell-all book, The Senator.

    "Ricky," Teddy yelled, "what's his name? What's his name?"

    "Markey," Burke said.

    "No, no no. What's his first name?"

    As Burke wrote, he whispered Markey's first name to Teddy, after which "the Senator nodded, removed his hand from the mouthpiece and said in a syrupy tone, ‘Oh, Ed, how are you?'"

    The next night, the entire exchange ran on the network newscast.

    In 1984, Sen. Paul Tsongas announced that he would not seek reelection to a second term because of his recent cancer diagnosis. A whole raft of Democrats jumped into the fight, including Lt. Gov. John Kerry and two Congressmen, including Markey. The other Congressman's slogan was, "The state needs a workhorse, not a show horse." Guess which candidate he was referring to.

    Markey's Senate campaign was sputtering even before he agreed to a sitdown interview with a local TV reporter who sprang a current-events pop quiz on him. Among the really tough questions: Who does the US support in El Salvador and Nicaragua? Remember, this was in the era when the Sandinistas were the toast of the state's People's Republics. Danny Ortega could have been elected mayor of Cambridge by acclamation.

    But Fast Eddie didn't know which side the US was on - in either country. He also misidentified the prime minister of Israel. The deer-in-the-headlights look on his face as he was asked the questions was priceless - somehow you can't find any of the two "Just the Facts" segments anywhere on the Internet, and the entire Senate campaign of 1984 goes unmentioned in his Wikipedia biography.

    Markey pulled the plug a few days later, after yet another embarrassment. His longtime girlfriend allegedly assaulted him in a car outside the Oak Grove MBTA station in Malden.

    At the time I was working as a reporter for a Boston TV station, while also writing a monthly political column for Boston magazine. On the day Markey dropped out of the Senate race to run for reelection to the House, I asked him to autograph one of his Senate brochures.

    "To Howie," he scrawled. "I hope someday I can have two jobs like you."

    In other words, he wanted to run for higher office, while not risking his safe House seat.

    Over the years he embraced all the usual PC causes. He was briefly for the nuclear freeze movement. For years he carried in his coat pocket a TV remote control, which he would wave around to demonstrate his commitment to reducing monthly cable TV charges, which despite Markey's efforts went ever higher.

    As the years have gone by, Markey has been seen less and less in Massachusetts. He and his wife (who kept her maiden name, Blumenthal) live in the exclusive Rolling Hills neighborhood of Chevy Chase MD, which is also the home of MSNBC's "Comrade" Chris Matthews.

    It's always a good idea for a DC insider to own some property back in the old home state - just ask Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), R-KS. Markey was lectured by one of the older members of the delegation:

    "No living in Mummy's home anymore, Ed."

    But Markey rejected that sage counsel. His legal Massachusetts residence is his late parents' modest one-family house in Malden. He pays the minimum water bill, according to a Boston Globe story in 2013.

    Living in Maryland, Markey has become more and more disconnected from his constituents. His House district on the near North Shore was always in danger of being dismembered in a redistricting, which was why he was willing to endure the humiliation of those St. Patrick's Day breakfasts, to ingratiate himself with the Beacon Hill powers who could end his political career.

    At one point, the legislative leadership in Boston gerrymandered the town of Natick west of Boston into his district. Markey apparently never visited Doug Flutie's hometown, nor did any of his staff. Their lack of Natick knowledge was demonstrated at the ribbon-cutting for the Big Dig, which connected Natick and all the other Metrowest communities to Boston and points north.

    One of the most popular take out restaurants north of Boston is Kelly's Roast Beef on Revere Beach. So when it was Markey's turn to speak, he tried to make a joke — "It's so great to see this tunnel opening, because now all of my constituents in Natick can get to Kelly's so much quicker."

    Markey waited for the laughter, which never came. You see, everyone in the crowd except Markey knew that a decade earlier, Kelly's had opened a new outlet... in Natick.

    In 2013, Sen. John Kerry resigned his seat to become secretary of state. Twenty-nine years after autographing my pamphlet, Markey got his wish. He could run for the Senate without relinquishing his House seat. In the Democrat primary, he edged the Congressman from South Boston, who had at least voted against Obamacare. In the final, despite a lopsided financial advantage, Markey had a relatively close call, 55-45, against a former Navy SEAL and political novice, Gabriel Gomez. He ran up huge majorities in the urban areas to offset his equally lopsided losses in most of the state's 351 cities and towns.

    After 37 years in Congress, Mr. Frosty was finally Sen. Frosty. He was assigned to the Foreign Relations Committee. His first committee vote in September 2013 was on the resolution giving Obama the power to bomb Syria.

    Markey voted... present.

    Once again he was a joke back home. At least Kerry voted for the $87 billion before he voted against the $87 billion. Or, did you hear about Barack Obama and Ed Markey walking into a bar? Nothing happens. Obama can't decide what to order and Markey keeps saying, "I'll have what he's having."

    This is Ed Markey, the solon who was foaming at the mouth Tuesday. A guy who, as the Boston Herald put it, "might as well be in the Witness Protection Program."

    Before fleeing the hearing with his tail between his legs Tuesday, Markey issued one final pronouncement, this time on the subject of the Pope.

    "I agree with this Pope," he said, presumably speaking about "climate change" as opposed to abortion or gay marriage. "I disagree with the Pope in 1632. This Pope is correct and we have a moral responsibility to act."

    By voting present, Sen. Frosty?

    Ed Markey - to a battle of wits he comes unarmed. Now more than ever.

    He is of course rabidly anti-gun. Last year he discerned a major problem with bazookas, antitank devices and assault weapons.

    "We should ban these weapons to disarm the criinals and the teenagers that are terrozing the citizens of this country right now on every neighborhood corner!"

    Malden has changed somewhat, but even now, there are no bazookas on any street corners, even downtown.

    "We need to ban assault weapons," he continued. "We need to stop the flow of high magazine clips."

    High magazine clips? Markey knows less about guns than he does about Kelly's Roast Beef.

    He has said his proudest vote in almost 40 years in Congress was for Obamacare. Yes, he really said that.

    Another big issue for Mr. Frosty: caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull. He has demanded that the total caffeine content be listed on every can. He has likewise come out against what he calls "the roller-coaster arms race," whatever that is.

    Some of his other initiatives are a little more ominous, like the "Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014." Something called "the National Telecommunications and Information Administration" would report to Congress on "the use of telecommunications.. to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate."

    A leading civil-liberties lawyer in Boston was appalled: "This proposed legislation is worse than merely silly. It is dangerous. It is not up to Sen. Markey... to define for a free people what speech is, and is not, acceptable."

    All I can say is, don't blame me, I voted for Steve Lynch. And then I voted for Gabriel Gomez.

    Howie Carr is a syndicated talk radio host and columnist. Get his latest book, Killers, at today! 

  • gun control comeback

    12/05/2015 7:03:33 AM PST · 77 of 78
    GreenAccord to fulltlt

    So after all these responses, I am interested how your liberal “friend” reacted to your planned retort. I am of the mind, as has been pointed out in this (and many other HOW TO ARGUE WITH A LIBERAL threads on FR) that it mattered not.

    So how did it go down?

  • Watch VIDEO: Muslims around the world CELEBRATE the jihad victory in Paris

    11/14/2015 10:11:38 PM PST · 17 of 96
    GreenAccord to Lera

    According to the comments on that blawg, that video is from 2009 when Pakistan won some sort of World Cup soccer thingy. Someone also posted in the comments a picture taken yesterday in London with COMPLETELY different weather, as in it was raining - yet the video at that link of the Mooslimbs celebrating is on a sunny afternoon.

  • UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm Live Thread

    11/14/2015 9:59:08 PM PST · 176 of 226

    That was VERY cool to witness. And of course, there’s going to be a gigantic rematch with a matching prize purse. Just fricking awesome. Not an exact duplicate, but Tyson-Buster Douglas kind of shock is what that was.

  • Eighth-graders allegedly stab woman to death at car wash, prop her body up for a joyride

    11/14/2015 7:27:39 AM PST · 2 of 34
    GreenAccord to Kid Shelleen

    Hunger strike until the owner of the car wash resigns in three, two...

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    11/13/2015 10:04:59 AM PST · 2,083 of 2,300
    GreenAccord to God luvs America
    This has hit COTA hard, especially considering falling attendances since 2012

    This is a curious way to word that. Since the venue only opened in 2012, the most accurate way to word the attendance trend is that, since its opening, COTA has always seen decreasing attendance. It's not a gigantic difference, but the original wording makes it seem there was a period that saw increasing attendance.

  • Once A Year, The Sun Hits These Pillars And Creates A Sight That’ll Make Any American Proud

    11/11/2015 8:05:29 PM PST · 14 of 29
    GreenAccord to Romulus

    Actually, the sun does not trace an exact path on its way back to the equinox or solstices as you might be thinking. Look up the term “analemma” to see that the sun traces a figure 8, if you will, on the earth’s annual path around our star. It is possible that the alignment only truly lights up the full emblem on the ground at the 11th hour of 11/11.

  • HTML Sandbox 2015

    11/07/2015 2:35:47 PM PST · 127 of 185
    GreenAccord to GreenAccord

    “So I take it we are testing this quote malfeasance”
    What happens if we use the HTML ASCII codes for quotes?

    (Ampersand+pound sign+34+semi-colon)= “
    (Ampersand+pound sign+39+semi-colon)= ‘
    “double quote”
    ‘single quote’

  • HTML Sandbox 2015

    11/07/2015 2:33:27 PM PST · 126 of 185
    "So I take it we are testing this quote malfeasance"

    What happens if we use the HTML ASCII codes for quotes?
    (Ampersand+pound sign+34+semi-colon)= "
    (Ampersand+pound sign+39+semi-colon)= '
    "double quote"
    'single quote'

  • NASA: current El Niño ‘appears likely to equal the event of 1997-98’

    10/20/2015 9:40:01 AM PDT · 20 of 33
    GreenAccord to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    I played my own drinking game with this article. Every time I read ‘NASA’, I tooooook ahhh jinnnnk. Naowwwww eyezzz combleeeeedeeely jjjjjjunk. (belch)

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Stop Talking About Gun Control—Enforce It

    10/16/2015 6:28:46 PM PDT · 51 of 55
    GreenAccord to rktman
    This should be required reading for Dimwits who want to make guns illegal.

    An Open Rant Aimed at Those Who Would Repeal the Second Amendment

  • This Radio trick silently hacks Siri (Google Now probably Cortana) from 16 feet away (Link Only)

    10/15/2015 6:20:38 AM PDT · 24 of 28
    GreenAccord to Swordmaker
    And don't forget, that hacker on the bus needs to have a broadcasting antenna within the 16' range. Be on the look out for any fellow bus denizens with the following aparatus in the seat next to them. (HAHAHA)

  • 10/9/15 MLB Thread. KC wins. StL winning. Dodgers/Mets yet to play. Oh, and the BlueJays suck.

    10/14/2015 8:26:59 PM PDT · 67 of 67
    GreenAccord to dfwgator

    I texted a buddy of mine at the end of the Texas Toronto game the following, letting him know that he missed an absolutely freakish game

    In a nutshell, a 53 minute 7th inning.

    And not because 5 runs were combined score

    Bench clearing x2. Run scores while ump calls timeout - and it counted

    Crowd fills field with trash

    Fans next to visiting dugout ejected

    What’d I miss?

    Oh yeah, 3 straight errors on 3 infield grounders

    Won’t be surprised to hear Texas has declared war on Canada tonight

    Oh don’t forget, game played under protest (filed by winning team)

    Everything I just listed happened IN THE SEVENTH INNING

    3 run hr by Jose Bautista and he completely SHOWBOATED on the bat flip. (Also in 7th) among the most in your face stand and stare and flip bat hr’s I’ve seen

  • Wal-Mart: Wage hikes are killing profits

    10/14/2015 8:08:33 PM PDT · 55 of 80
    GreenAccord to napscoordinator
    So giving a raise resulted in Walmart making 16 million instead of 15 million. Sounds like it was a great decision

    Where's the great decision? Their stock price retreated when they announced the poor earnings outlook. Shrinking profits are rarely good news, unless there are some MAJOR accounting maneuvers happening. Are you saying that since they still made billions, the decision to increase wages was a good thing?

    So if that round of raises was good, more rounds are better, as long as they make some billions? Not in this pro-capitalism FReeper's opinion. Businesses are in bidness (SIC) to make money, not employ people. The employment is simply a win-win. But shrinking profits can be interpreted as a sign of shrinking payrolls and other cost cutting. That's a lose-lose.

  • Wal-Mart: Wage hikes are killing profits

    10/14/2015 6:40:22 PM PDT · 45 of 80
    GreenAccord to central_va
    It actually benefits me and you.

    That would be your opinion. My opinion is that I will be affected by higher prices at Walmart, which will result in a spike in inflation, which will hurt me and everyone else. But inflation is already a fait accomplis with all this quantitative easing.

  • Wal-Mart: Wage hikes are killing profits

    10/14/2015 5:52:08 PM PDT · 26 of 80
    GreenAccord to central_va
    You keep using that number, $20B. Walmart has never recorded a $20B profit. It doesn't matter one way or the other if you hold the opinion that their diminished profit doesn't affect you in any way, but if you're going to spout numbers, at least use the correct ones.

  • Star Wars’ Black Stormtrooper Actor Has a Message for Racist Fans of the Franchise

    10/14/2015 10:03:28 AM PDT · 27 of 167
    GreenAccord to nickcarraway

    Maybe he’ll play the role of R2DTooLegit2Quit

  • LinkedIn is giving its employees 'unlimited' vacation plus 17 paid holidays

    10/14/2015 9:19:19 AM PDT · 21 of 21
    GreenAccord to lowbridge

    What if a LinkedIn employee became an ex-employee, but never notified LinkedIn? How long would his (paid) vacation last before someone in HR looked at paycheck stub after paycheck stub. Seems like a great way to double up the income over the short term, for something like, I dunno, 3 months?

  • Homeland video clip (best description of why we are losing this war)

    10/09/2015 4:17:59 PM PDT · 4 of 16
    GreenAccord to RoosterRedux
    As usual, was a couple days out ahead of this, per this October 6th thread.