Grando Calrissian
Since Apr 30, 2003

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Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Tobacco and Blueberry Flan Meat
Favorite Drink: Midori Sour
Favorite Song: "Drinking My Blood Again" by The Yellow Jupiter Trilogy
Favorite Album: "Spüngè, Part XVI" by The Melvin Jocubus Experience
Favorite Band: Lords of the New World Order
Favorite Film: The Illiterate Cowboy From South Africa Returns
Favorite Television Show: Providence & CHiPs Patrol
Favorite Actor: Tony Danza
Favorite Actress: Beatrice Arthur
Favorite Philosopher: Estufaro Yumangi
Favorite Artist: Paco Coca Cola
Favorite Book (Non-Fiction): Gerald Ford and The Togo War Cover-Up by Dr. Manuel Sun
Favorite Book (Fiction): My Time Alone With Piquo by Brockton Paloma
Favorite Magazine: People
Favorite Word: Oval
Favorite Punctuation Mark: ?
Favorite President: Martin Van Buren
Favorite Vice President: Garret A. Hobart
Favorite Hemisphere: Southern
Favorite Continent: Antartica
Favorite Nation: San Marino
Favorite American State: North Dakota
Favorite American City: Topeka
Favorite Canadian Province: Prince Edward Island
Favorite Canadian City: Hamilton
Favorite European City: Luxembourg
Favorite Asian City: Ho Chi Minh City
Favorite African City: Monrovia
Favorite Latin American City: Bogota
Favorite Number: 1,256
Favorite Sport: Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Bridge: Dumbarton Bridge, California
Favorite Website:
Favorite Element: Indium
Favorite Vice: Rabbit and Machete Juggling