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Conservative Democrats! <a href="">FR Golden Gate</a> -

What changed their minds... seconds?     Changing the Heart of a Nation - 180 - By Ray Comfort

1. 180 (DVD) - Three quick previews - *Must-See* || 2. 33 minutes that will rock your world!

Soldiers; or political pawns? Justice; or being betrayed and railroaded by leftist Democrats & RINOs and a usurperistration? | | | seekthetruth (stt, put these links on YOUR page!!)

Liberalism - Ideas so good that you have to be forced to accept them - by Zakeet

7 posted on 08/05/2012 - by Iron Munro

Capitalism: God's way of determining who is smart, and who is poor. - ~Ron Swanson~ IN

ronswanson2012   I also believe that the Obama campaign is patterning itself after Olympic badminton.

How to turn a recession into a depression: elect a Dem president with a big majorities in Congress - by JLS

FR Golden Gate - Conservative Democrats!           

RINO / Dem FAIL has ruined our Nation.

There is NOT a single prominent Democrat'ic leader who deserves our support or our vote - by Golden Gate

Democrat voters and union members need to find new and conservative Democrat leaders at the local level. If Democrat voters can not yet find the conservative Democrats that we need, then we need to vote for the best conservative candidates in the general election. I've been voting conservative for years!

(Note for info below: I am planning a April 2014 update for 2014 / 2016 elections,
AND for our present and ongoing need for a new Speaker of the US House - SPK)

Need Conservative Leader
Telling the Truth
Leading the Way
                                              « (2013)

Gregg Cunningham - Working for Right To Life, and effectively defending our First Amendment Rights

Gregg Cunningham

Executive Director -
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

CBR Directors Adopting For Life!

Click here for Gregg's military bio.

HARD TRUTH and Loving HelpCBR Banner
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

CBR: Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Duncan Hunter


"The True Legacy Candidate of 2008"

"Rangers Lead the Way!" And so he did, beginning his campaign for President in 2006, only to be ignored, ridiculed, and betrayed by the ~cornservative media~; AND by many 'real' conservatives!

"2008 - Conservative Incompetence and Betrayal 101"

But now here in 2012, it is good to see that FR is finally getting it RIGHT!

    Duncan Hunter 2012

     A Lifetime of Service!

It is NOW the

"Time 4 Tom!"

2016 Update... ??
Per some Calif. FR posts,
does Tom need a
primary challenge...?
just to be sure...??


A Son of the South

(And his name is "West"?)

Tom McClintock

» TMC  SPK «

            Allen West


Allen West is a family man of faith; who is also a soldier, a scholar,
and a leader, - and who is ready to serve and is willing to lead!

Biography - Meet Allen

from 2014... = 2016 Update - Should Dr. Carson have run as a Democrat?


You said that if the American people were still ......
260,394 signatures - (Thurs. pm - April 3, 2014)

ON & CN; a FR Golden Gate exclusive!

<a href=" "> FR Golden Gate ON-CN</a> - below...

It might be that the American people would prefer
to have a celebrity on "The Ticket!"

How about one of the celebrities who is interested in and informed about our American principles and the social and political issues that we face ; and who is actually involved in making a positive change in our country. 

There are several to choose from, but I'll suggest one.

(Uh, be careful what you ask for...)

Chuck Norris Keyword: chucknorris

Elect Tim Donnelly

Governor of California 2014

Friday April 4, 2014 / & previous...

California, The Golden State

What about John // and // Gara for What?!

Gara 4 Guv 2014 - A Write-in Campaign

IF. A big fat "IF..."

John Garamendi spent many years in the California Legislature. And then he went "Executive". Finally, as Lt. Gov of California, you would expect that he would be on course to be Governor. But then the opening came up in a Congressional District. Was this a good opportunity that John could not pass up? Or, did John Garamendi 'cut & run' and leave California high and dry?

"A Leader We Can Be Proud Of"

Except when we can't.

Where did John and Patti go wrong?

Shills for socialism, ...and worse.

They would have to cut the ties that bind them. Why are they still embracing and sucking at the teat of the has-beens of the Democrat's Dixie mafia?

Could John Garamendi see the error of his ways, and stop and turn around?

If "YES", then Gara 4 Guv 2014 - A Write-in Campaign.

If "NO", then do NOT send John back to Congress.

If "NO", then "Send John Garamendi BACK TO THE RANCH!"


Welcome to FR Golden Gate FR Golden Gate      


FR Golden Gate - Conservative Democrats!           

If a politician won't protect innocent babies, what makes you think that he'll protect your rights? - by AuH2ORepublican

Those who support abortion and same-sex marriage aren't libertarians, but libertines trying to evade absolute truth. - by billflax

Mitt and Obama: They're the same poison, just a different potency. - by SoConPubbie

Massachusetts once lead the American Revolution. Under Mitt Romney, it lead the demise. - by j_tull

Liberalism - Ideas so good that you have to be forced to accept them - by Zakeet

Capitalism: God's way of determining who is smart, and who is poor. - ~Ron Swanson~

When there is no justice in the laws, justice is left to the outlaws. - ScubieNuc

Real-Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July, democrats believe every day is April 15.   - by OrioleFan

You think Health Care is expensive now... Just wait 'till it's free! -- PJ O'Roark

0bama-Healthcare adds 16,000 new IRS agents and zero new doctors??? - by Lurkina.n.Learnin

0bamanomics: Punish Success, Reward Failure. Destroying America is the point. - by Uncle Miltie

How to turn a recession into a depression: elect a Dem president with a big majorities in Congress - by JLS

The U.S. re-electing Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and ramming the iceberg again. - by Tamzee

Poor Barack. If He's Reelected, Think Of The Mess He'll Inherit! - by Gay State Conservative

If Barack has a memory like a steel trap, why can't he remember what the Constitution says? - by liberalh8ter

There is NOT a single prominent Democrat leader who deserves our support or our vote - by Golden Gate

The DNC theme song: "All You Need is Gov" - by sthguard

Given enough time, the primary function of any bureaucracy becomes the employment of its employees. - by BfloGuy

“We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.” Ronald Reagan - by donna

Globalism is just Socialism in a business suit. - by roamer_1

(re: Excessive Taxation, Fed & state) It is not that there is a blood shortage, there is a vampire glut! - by American in Israel

There can be no freedom without God -- What man gives, man can take away. - by Sudetenland

I never did understand why the Republicans agree to let the Democrats moderate their debates. - by Jeff Chandler

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. -- George Bernard Shaw - by Albion Wilde

The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. - seekthetruth

Is it the end of the world? I don't know, but I know that many people now days have taken for granted the blessing God has given America; and what God gives, God can also take away. - ScubieNuc

lib-pocrisy: requiring photo ID at a march protesting photo IDs for voters. - by TruthShallSetYouFree

I'm not anti-government, government's anti-me. - by ZirconEncrustedTweezers

Not "apologizing", but providing information, answers to questions, and a reasoned defense: = Apologetics


Conservative Democrats! <a href="">FR Golden Gate</a> -

<a href="">FR Golden Gate Life</a> -

The United States Constitution was signed in 1789, but the United States Charter was signed in 1776.
It properly observes that our United States owes observance to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God
— and to our Creator endowed Right to Life.

If Congress has no place to protect the Right to Life, it has no foundation.   unspun - 2/26/08                                        

The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness - by GeronL

If a politician won't protect innocent babies, what makes you think that he'll protect your rights? - by AuH2ORepublican

Stand for life or nothing at all.   advance_copy
The Sienna Group

For Women, Men and Families -

Recovery begins when you are ready...   Help video 2.45 min

Toll Free   1.866.4My.Recovery   (1.866.469.7326)

What is Done is Done

Guy’s Corner          

Love them both, love them all.   After all,
"Life is Worth the Effort!"

Love Them Both Ministries   Sacramento, CA

As you stand in defense of the most innocent of Americans, you defend all of America.


Largest 40 Days for Life ever! September 28 – td align= cellpadding= 1a href=font color=November 6 (301 locations, 46 for the first time)

Walk for Life Central Coast
San Luis Obispo, California

Saturday October 15, 2011
11am Speakers & 12 pm Walk

America! Remember the `Young One' !!

font size=2 font size=/tdbr //td/atr150
font size=/tdbr //td/atr150

The holocaust in Germany happened behind walls.

The German people pled ignorance.

But Ike made them look.

by FR:  EternalVigilance

America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion   America will not reject abortion until 

America sees abortion  
Barack Obama Logo with actual picture of dead aborted 10 week 

old baby with bloody arm on US dime coin.

Ike made the td colspan=br / quot; br /a name=/aGerman people look at their holocaust.

Gregg and Lois encourage you to learn about the American holocaust, even today -

Full Information     Loving Help & Healing

Quick HARD TRUTH Video 1:40s CBR Banner
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
CBRInffont size=td colspan=/

 View Now! Show at Your Church This Week.
Gregg Cunningham - Challenge To Christians, Calvary Chapel Downey
1 Hr. Video - *First 36 min - Must See!*

CBR <¢er>


Fathers of Aborted Children Together as 1 ( Site font size= cellpadding=/a border=2 Not needs a webmaster )

Pregnant? Need help?
Click here
    Pregnant?   Need help?
&⪚nant? Need help?
Democrats For Life

1 Be Not Afraid
- Resources for parfont size=/divbr /br /a name= alt=ents with difficult prenatal diagnoses

In 1986, government scientists wrote a letter to the British journal Lancet and acknowledged that abortion is a cause of breast cancer. They wrote, "Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer." (Lancet, 2/22/86, p. 436)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - Click & Learn,
what the Founders understood the word "Happiness" to mean.
The Founders’ definition of “happiness” came from Sir William Blackstone’s 1765... (brief, click &amp; scroll to bottom)
Big Murder (aka Planned Parenthood) has been at the forefront of eugenics since the beginning. Big Murder is the deadliest and most racist organization in the history of the world. - by wagglebee

Why Urban, Educated Parents Are Turning to DIY Education

Chicago’s striking teachers earn 74K per year, and 39% send their own children to private schools Sept. 10, 2012

It wouldn’t surprise me if we wake up one day to a spontaneous, full-throttled nationwide rejection of public education. 15 - by Gene Eric

Citizen self defense is the reason for the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights. (more...)

Previous Posting here (#17), and here (#48).

Friday August 26, 2011            

FR Working Groups:

FR Campaign Central
Campaign Laws - Campaign Finance Laws - Forming a PAC

California `Favorite Son' Candidates 2012: Need Assessment and Action Plan for CA & USA Now! 2011 (thread pending)

"Todd At The Top!"

Many people are asking, "When will Guv. Palin run?" Will anyone else join me in asking, "When will Todd lead?"

I'm not aware that Todd Palin has any formal political experience in elective office. However, he does have some campaign experience. For a campaign theme, to get started, I would suggest: "Todd Palin - Just Dad!" That has a nice ring to it!

I realize that Todd Palin is more than just a dad. He is a husband, and a dad. I have read that the Palins once had a family business, and that Todd has worked in both the oil industry and in the commercial salmon fishing industry. Because of his participation and success in the 2,031 mile Iron Dog Race in Alaska, Todd has been described as a world-class adventure-sports athlete.

He may not have the formal political experience that voters may be looking for, but I think that Todd Palin has plenty to offer us in a campaign.

...more / pending...

<a href=""> FR Golden Gate Media Team</a>

Media Team - FREE Bumper Sticker  =>

"Chick-news": They report on what they love (Obama and movie stars and themselves) - by donna

  35 by Chode<¢er>

U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High - Gallup Poll

I Don't Believe The Liberal Media - Bumpersticker - Free From Media Research Center -

However, I do believe Media Research Center -,, and

...The problem is that fanatical extremism is taking the form of violence against pro-lifers. Peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment rights have been repeatedly physically attacked.

Just in July there have been five attacks against pro-lifers without any mention in major media outlets. But what was news?

What were the major news outlets – say, ABC, CBS and NBC – covering instead? (Not the Olympics.) - 5th & 6th paragraph
KCRA Channel 3 HDTV
Sacramento, California - USA
Where The News Comes First
(NBC) -
Tom DuHain
KCRA 3 Reporter

(I thought Tom DuHain was
only a 'general interest'
news reporter. Now I find
out, Tom DuHain "knows" politics!)

Oh Tom! - "Where the News Comes First" and all that...

Everyone missed this one! Two posts in 20 sec: (Tuesday September 18, 2012)

Good thing the Russians reported it as I’ve seen nothing in the American media... 4 - by God luvs America

Ummm, why are we hearing about this from the Russian news media? 5 - by andy58-in-nh

Obama wins right to indefinitely detain Americans under NDAA
Russia Today ^ | 9/18/12

The mainstream media did all it could to white wash the violence swirling around the Occupy Wall Street movement as well as its anti-capitalist support system.

Enter " Occupy Unmasked," the new documentary which did the work most journalists refused to do. And the people were clearly eager to hear the truth behind the movement. Movie Trailer   UTube

Hating Brietbart - Will this movie be shown in a theater near You?

There have been several times when I spent too much time listening to conservative talk radio. Then I would just not listen to the radio for a year or so. I would then listen again during the next campaign.

It has now been a year and a half since I've listened to talk radio. I don't miss it.

The greatest need for conservatives is NOT for more info and opinions. We need an plan for effective and consistent activism. And these various hosts need to work together to coordinate conservative activism.

When I was listening to the radio I thought that these hosts should have some simulcasts when they were on at the same time. Even if it was an only for an hour or two several times a month. If these prima donna radio hosts can't work together to save the republic, then let's just shut it all down and go back to gathering acorns.

I don't know what the current schedules are, but an example of a simulcast is below:

      Michael Savage and Mark Levin Simulcast USA - 
Working Together to Save Our Republic!

April 2012

* For productive discussions, collecting information, and effective activism, we need a "new process" on FR.

A `new process' needs to get beyond mere activity and entertainment, and work for positive and constructive results in a timely manner.

* To arrive at the "truth", major *opposing* media hosts and experts need to meet and have discussions and debates with each other. If they are not interested or don't participate, then they don't deserve our attention or support.


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Pictures don’t slow it down because they aren’t hosted on FR servers- they’re linked to the original source so the images actually come directly from the third party and bypass the FR server.
13 posted on 10/11/2012 8:31:01 PM PDT by Squawk 8888

FRitter -

I have this great idea for Instant Messaging (IM) on FR. I hope this is original. For FR IM, we can call it "FRitter". With this new feature, we can all "FReet" while we FReep! (Or, is that "FRitt" while we FReep!) Anyway, trust me, it's a great idea, and you all will love it!

(Now, if only someone can figure out the details and make it work...)

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