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AIDS is the biggest public health scam in medical history. Like global warming, AIDS is being used to push a powerful leftist political agenda. For over two decades the Public Health Establishment has used your tax dollars and the full power of the federal government to wage a massive propaganda (and intimidation) campaign designed to (A) prevent the American public from learning about the scientific evidence that suggests HIV may not cause AIDS (B) scare the public into thinking "we are all at risk" (C) coverup the extreme toxicity of AIDS chemotherapy drugs (which are not just used on "fast-lane" gays and junkies, but also given to pregnant mothers, infants, and children) (D) use this fear to push a leftist social agenda that includes socialized medicine, and the promotion of homosexuality and explicit sex "education" to tender-aged school children (E) use their "public health mandate" to bypass the authority of parents and local school boards who object to their social engineering schemes (F) create a massive federal bureaucracy encouraging the use of addictive drugs, to include prescription heroine (G) use threats and intimidation to silence dissenting scientists and to keep the press from covering the debate (H) and finally, to use AIDS as a model to push similar social agendas with respect to future epidemics.


To quickly get up to speed on the AIDS SCANDAL, please read or view the following (videos, articles and scientific papers below):

There are a growing number of scientists and medical doctors who have banded together to challenge the official dogma that HIV causes AIDS. They include Nobel Prize Winners, Lasker Prize Winners, and members of the National Acadamy of Sciences. They are known as the "The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis." They are all united by the following statement, which boils down to a very simple request:

"It is widely believed by the general public that a retrovirus called HIV causes the group of diseases called AIDS. Many biochemical scientists now question this hypothesis. We propose that a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against this hypothesis be conducted by a suitable independent group. We further propose that critical epidemiological studies be devised and undertaken."

For political reasons, the AIDS establishment has refused to fund a single scientific study designed to resolve the scientific controversy as outlined by the statement above.


What follows are a number of selected videos, articles, and scientific papers that expose the social agenda mentioned above, and present the views of the scientists and medical doctors who challenge the notion that HIV causes AIDS.



Channel 4 of London produced one of the first documentaries challenging the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. Entitled The AIDS Catch, this excellent video profiles a number of top scientists who challenge the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. Channel 4 is the same outfit that produced the video challenging human-caused global warming, entitled "The Great Global Warming Swindle."

Attention pro-lifers! The following video was aired by the BBC in 2004. Entitle the Guinea Pig Kids this documentary "exposes how the city of New York has been forcing HIV-Positive children under its supervision to be used as human guinea pigs in tests for experimental AIDS drug trials." (You will need Real Player to watch this video, it can be downloaded here for free). In The House That AIDS Built, Liam Scheff, the journalist who first broke the story, exposes this scandal in all its gruesome detail (warning: baby side effect pictures not for the squeamish or faint of heart).

Channel 4 also aired another program challenging conventional wisdom with respect to African AIDS. Entitled AIDS AND AFRICA, the program presents evidence that what is called "African AIDS" may not be caused by HIV, how many Africans exhibit AIDS defining diseases but are HIV negative, how Western aid has exagerated the AIDS picture in Africa, and explores other potential causes of AIDS, such as drug use, malnutrition, poor sanitation, etc.

HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud? is yet another video that blows the lid off the scientific controversy over what causes AIDS. You can also read a letter detailing how he got involved in the project here.

Finally, "take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn’t dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS."



The first article challenging the HIV/AIDS hypothesis to hit the conservative press was published in the Hoover Institution's prestigious Policy Review in 1990. The editors state that the article was "one of the three or four most-talked-about articles in the history of the magazine."

((After reading the Policy Review article above, or the Reason Magazine article just below, if you read nothing else, read The Hidden Agenda Behind HIV. It will make your blood boil, and more than any other article demonstrates why conservatives need to BLOW THE LID off the AIDS scandal))

Then National Review joined the fray in 1992 when they published Could Duesberg be Right?

Reason Magazine also published an excellent article in 1994 summarizing the case against HIV. Entitled What Causes AIDS?, the article was co-written by a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry.

In 2000, the American Spectator published an article entitled Inventing an Epidemic. The article details how the traditional diseases of Africa (historically linked to malnutrition, bad water, and poor sanitation) are being relabled AIDS by western public health authorities, thus bringing them under the AIDS umbrella and artificially boosting African AIDS statistics.

Fox News ran an opinion piece by CATO's Steven Milloy in 2001. Entitled Pouring Money Down the Federal Research Rat Hole, the editorial details how the NIH "unceremoniously cut-off Duesberg's funding in 1987 because he challenged the notion that the HIV virus causes AIDS" and how the "head of the federal AIDS research program even threatened to cut-off journalists' access to scientists (the kiss of death if your job is to cover the science beat--GGG) if they reported Duesberg's ideas."

In 2006, LewRockwell.com ran an article entitled A Modern Day Copernicus: Peter Duesberg. Written by Donald Miller, Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington...the title speaks for itself.

In 2008, Modern Conservative published a fascinating story about a private investigator-turned-reporter who was tapped by the Semmelweis Society International to determine if Peter Duesberg, and a like-minded reporter named Celia Farber, deserved the Semmelweise "Clean Hands Award." The reporter began his quest believing that HIV causes AIDS, and ended his quest by producing a report that not only confirmed that they deserved the award, but wrote a subsequent article placing himself squarely in the Rethinking AIDS camp. In the words of the investigor, "I have never written about anything more important. This story changed my life, and if you have the time and patience to understand what I have written, it may change yours as well."



In March 2006, Harper's Magazine magazine published an article by Celia Farber entitled Out of control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science. Farber shows how pregant women who test positive for HIV-- but who are otherwise completely healthy--are pressured to go on AIDS chemotherapy drugs, many of whom suffer horrible side-effects and die, not from AIDS, but from the chemo drugs they use to "treat" AIDS. Celia Farber's article prompted an angry rebuttal from the AIDS establishment, written by Robert Gallo et al. This prompted Rethinking AIDS scientists and medical doctors to publish a point by point counter-rebuttal entitled Correcting Gallo.

In June 2008, India's Daily News and Analysis, published and article entitled Does HIV Cause AIDS? summarizing some of the key scientific evidence suggesting that HIV does not cause AIDS.

Some of the best articles written on the AIDS debate were published in the London Sunday Times.



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