Since Feb 14, 2008

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I came to Alaska at 19 years of age on a commercial fishing boat. That was in 1983. Alaska became my home, I happily married to my once in a lifetime bride in 1988. I adopted my first son, my wife and I then had four more (fifth generation Alaskan) Yes, Alaska gets cold, but we also loved kids and quite simply I like the idea of proliferating God-fearing country loving offspring. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

NRA member, love to hunt and shoot.

I study history, favorite subjects Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 and WW2. The conquest of North America is also fascinating to me. Yes, I know that may not sound PC, but quite frankly European whites were stronger in numbers and weaponry. My grandfather was one quarter Cherokee Indian and looked it. I think one of the greatest intentional and continuing mistakes of the Federal Government has been paying an indigenous people not to assimilate.

Regarding natural resources; we the people own it. I am stinking tired of radical environmentalists shutting down every opportunity we have of becoming energy independent. When the day comes we bankrupt ourselves and everything has unraveled they should be the first people who will be held accountable.

I support Sarah Palin and her husband Todd in whatever endeavor they decide to do. She was in my opinion a good governor who balanced the books and didn’t give a hoot what the Republican good old boys thought.

What I haven’t covered here you will no doubt find in my posts, if you are researching me.....

Added 10/09/11; Sometimes I think I'm on HuffPo when I read all the threads started by animal lovers glad some: hunter, bullfighter, hiker, "offed" or mauled because of "Karma". Will single you out as a fraud if I see you posting a thread or comment like that. Card carrying PETA types, sheesh!..

Added 08/24/12; What a bunch of pussies many on FR have become. Regarding the Todd Akin controversial statement or gaffe whatever you call it. Talk about a feeding frenzy. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK. Go roll over on some Dem site and tell them how you can't stand this "idiot" and stop taking up band width here...SHEESH, oh yeah, some here would call me a "socon". Well I call them wimpass spineless pieces of shit, so I guess that makes us even...

My tagline I stole from a post on FR; “BUSTED LIPS SAVE (retired 11/04/12) SHIPS”