Since Oct 2, 2005

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I must be a USA o phile because I love reading Free Republic several times a day. Although I’m an Australian, I see US politics as having a far greater impact on my life and the rest of the world than our own joke “Democrat Lite” Labor party, who are in power now. The stupid voters got rid of a fine intellectual and decent Prime Minister by the name if John Howard. And what did we get instead - a phony media darling who cries more about whales and “sorry day” than he does about the real hard working citizens (you know, the Joes).
But reading the articles and comments here on FR reminds me that there are still many sane and decent individuals left in the world and, uniquely, on this forum we’ll fight the leftist enemies funded by those oil drunk sand devils seeking to destroy Christianity and Western Democracy. I really wish more good people finally decided to stand up to the phoney cowards in Washington, Hollywood, the media, leftist judges as well as Professional Victimhood Inc incorporating all those black abortion lovin’ reverends, ACORN, the feminists and illegal immigrants. But Free Republic’s a good start. For now, let’s just keep that evil Manchurian Candidate B. Husain Obama and that Irish lunatic out of the White House.