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I am a born and bred American STILL living in this country except for 8 years in the military (1968-1976, 7 years overseas). I don’t have anything more to say that I won’t do at the ballot box. #8305

11/13/2016 — Well, it turns out I DO have something more to say.

I’ve spent the last few days searching over the internet looking at Youtube “I’m a Democrat and we wuz rob” sobs, editorials and columns from the same a$$holes who were completely against Trump now saying “why he won,” seeing and hearing these stupid protests from all the white people in Portland and the illegals in NY and in LA and in SF “He’s NOT my President!” and on and on and on and on.

I’ll tell you all why your panties are in a bunch! It’s because you live in separated Micro-Macrocosms [I just made that up - there’s a reason for it, and I’ll tell you - bear with me]. You live in widely dispersed, highly-packed areas of this country where everybody you know or are acquainted with is a Democrat/Liberal just like you (for you guys, it’s because you just want to get laid) and you can’t possibly believe you lost -——Hillary got the popular vote, blah, blah, blah.

The truth is you f@ckers mostly don’t even get out of your rats’ nests to see what the rest of this country is - fly-over and drive-past America. You don’t care because every f@cking TV show you like and every comedian you like makes fun of us out here and you think we’re all just racist hating redneck a$$holes.

When you go to another one of your isolated brother/sister city rats’ nests you fly over us, and you land in safe haven. None of you mushroom idiots have any idea what life has been like out here under 8 years of Obama. But it’s okay for you to have 2,3, or 4 part time jobs just to live in the greatest city in the world because you have ‘everything’.......your hovel apartment is just to sleep/crash in. So you go out and you laugh and drink and ‘conversate’ with your friends (at least until you have to go to one of your multiple part time jobs to be able to pay for your hovel AND be with your like-minded friends).

My advice to all you panty bunchers? You guys - man the f@ck up, get a job, a good one, and work at it. You find you a woman who isn’t looking to change you, and you get married to her and have some children. You young single liberal ladies? YOUR WOMENS’ STUDIES professors were ALL wrong. They don’t know shit. Most were probably bitter lesbians or bitter unmarried ugly hags.

I’ll just tell you this - remember it - single life in NYC or LA or SF when you’re 60 and not rich is absolutely not going to be like in your 20s. Better wise up to those facts, Buttercups.