Since Nov 8, 2003

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I have been lurking on Free Republic since @ 1997, when I first began to read Y2K posts and Clinton Death Lists. My good friend who is a local judge, told me about Free Republic and I have been hooked ever since. I am not very computer savvy and was afraid I would mess up if I tried to post, but finally decided to give it a try.I have e mailed and called my congressmen and others when prompted by FR postings and stories, most recently over the Terri Shiarvo case, as well as the 2000 election mess in Florida. I am a Christian, a republican 99% of the time, a history buff and a baseball fan.The most influential books in my life have been the Bible and the Gracewalk series by Steve McVay. I also loved Undaunted Courage and Les Miserables.I have my own (rather small) wedding/special occasion flower business. I am married (25 years) and have 5 children and 4 grand children. Thanks to all you freepers for all your diligent work and great senses of humor! I especially want to commend alamo girl on the downside legacy and Butterdezillion for all her work on birth certificate/eligibility issues.