Since Jul 4, 1998

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Retired U.S. Army First Sergeant Desert Storm Vet / Advisor assigned to King Abdhul Aziz Motorized Rifle Brigade at Al Khafji thru liberation of Kuwait City. Wife was SSG / Drill Sergeant 13 yr. Investigated twice by the SS as possible threat to Klintoon. (Perhaps my proudest accomplishment to date) We have a 20 acre "compound" 45 minutes from Waco... CCW: Me: Charter Arms .44 SPL Bulldog Pug, .45ACP and KelTec .32 backup is .45 LC derringer. Her: S&W .38 (she's cruel, wants 'em to bleed to death, I like it quick and final) Both: NEVER, EVER voted for a Democrat for any office, not once... never have, never will.