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La Quinta, California 33.663North, 116.3090 West - come out some time. The Coachella Valley is NOT a hotbed of Democrapitude. This is the bastion of Sonny and Mary Bono....and the golf balls roll toward Indio!

...Proud to report having been Zotted by DU on April 6, 2006!
...Also somewhat proud to have been "suspended" from Free Republic for a week or so, for posting a pic deemed inappropriate by a PMS-Heavy Moderator

"La Quinta - a red enclave in a blue state" - Rush Limbaugh, 1/23/06

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My little desert watchdog:

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Roadrunners CAN get quite large...

Here's one beginning it's overnight roosting in the neighboring Saguaro - ouch!

February 2012....this winter he's roosting on our front porch eave - settles in around 3:20 in the afternoon, goes Zombie until around 7am before the next lizard hunt...

We may have a future in raising Gambel's Quail...


Semper Fidelis
La Quinta was the final home of Medal of Honor recipient Mitchell Paige...

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