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the eeevil conservative


Profiling sounds good to me!

I LOVE profiling.

So, here is my "profile."

The best way to get to know me would be to know what I want from my next husband. (yes- notice the word "next"- your first clue that my "profiling" talents may have been lacking in my younger days-back when I was an ERA freak and Democrat. Thank God for wisdom and maturity). I am looking for 4 things in particular in the next Mr. eeevil conservative that I refuse to waver on. My future mate must be:

Now, first thing to notice is that it is obvious that I, myself, practice profiling. What is more telling is what my profiling tells you about me. For instance:

Please visit Nite of Hope.

I'm a Christian single mom of 3.

My cup is never half empty, and never half full. My cup runneths over! Sometimes I may be too blind to see it, and find myself in a state of stress or pity- but not often, and they are SHORT episodes.

I am always prepared for "tin foil hat" moments!

I value integrity above all other traits. Many say Integrity is who you are in the dark. BALOGNEY! That is your true character. INTEGRITY is KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG, and standing up for what is RIGHT. EVEN if it means STANDING ALONE!

I believe we are all Victims or Victors. it is not by chance or circumstance that we are one or the other. Life is not a lottery where some draw the winning tickets and the rest are stuck with a losing ticket. We are VICTIMS by CHOICE or VICTORS by CHOICE!