Since Mar 21, 2010

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Dr. Dan stood up for election to Congress in the 11th district in 2010, narrowly missing the possibility of a forced runoff in a six-man primary against the establishment pick. As a grassroots activist, Dr. Dan’s focus remains on returning the federal government to its constitutionally limited role as envisioned by our founding fathers.

Dr. Dan is a champion of limited government, individual freedom, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, and a free market economy. He is a defender of the United States Constitution, private property as the source of freedom and the divine origin of the Natural Law rights protected by that document. Dr. Dan believes in a balanced budget, debt reduction, elimination of taxes that punish achievement, the sanctity of life, right to keep and bear arms, secure borders and getting government out of the way of free market job creation.

As a physician, Dr. Dan adamantly opposes ObamaCare and is committed to protecting the quality and availability of patients’ health care. Dr. Dan will work diligently to defund and repeal this legislation.

Dr. Dan believes balancing the budget and decreasing the size of government is crucial if we are to slow this nation’s economic slide into a financial abyss and, once again, become a healthy, prosperous, and free nation.

Dr. Dan graduated from the Yale School of Medicine, Cum Laude, and went on to serve as a commissioned Naval officer during the Vietnam era. He is a 35-year practicing physician and successful small business owner. Dr. Dan has authored 14 peer-reviewed articles, lectured internationally at ophthalmology meetings, and holds six US patents. Dr. Dan has restored sight to thousands of patients under routine circumstances and to thousands more who came injured and in pain at all hours of the day and night. Dr. Dan is most proud of the fact that he has given each patient the personal, expert care they deserve and has always provided care to those without the ability to pay.

Dr. Dan is dedicated to and greatly loves his family and his country, and he feels it is incumbent upon him to do all that he can to protect them both.