Since Feb 24, 2004

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Foreign policy hawk
Social & Economic moderate
Voting Bush 2004

Foreign policy wise, I'm an interventionalist. I support the war on terrorism wholeheartedly. The US, for better or worse, is the only true defense against tyranny and terror in the world.

Socially, I lean right wing. I am staunchly against abortion. I am for the Death Penalty and think it should be expanded to include all murder (special circumstances or not). I believe prayer should be optional in schools. I think sex education is acceptable so long as parental consent is acquired first - and it should include abstinance AND contraception use. I am against the "war on drugs". I think it's imperitive we protect our border, with guard troops and a wall if necessary.

Economically, I am moderate. I think that we NEED to balance the budget. I think we should implement a national sales tax used solely to finance the debt. We need to crack down on corporate corruption with tough laws, more stringent inspections and tightened accounting practices. We must stop the flow of outsourcing of jobs - with tax benefits to those businesses that stay here, and closing our markets if they outsource. The American worker must be our first priority, and the government should seek to promote his/her needs.