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Koran = Mein Kampf

'Military' diagram found on fugitive

A Guest Worker Amnesty Program is Disastrous for National Security

A Return to Triangulation (libertarion vs social right) Meltdown

A Theological Argument For Evolution

African toll on AIDS funds debated

An American in Africa

Atta in Prague

Boeing, Hughes settle technology transfer charges

China: From Communism to Fascism?

Finance guru looks at Wall Street scandals

Gay Pedophile Scumbags

Global Warming = Sunspot Cycle

Hot air (Global Warming)

HTML Bootcamp

HTML Sandbox

ID/Creationists are Caca

Iraq not alone in defying resolutions of U.N. body

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

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KORAN versus BIBLE (Violence)

Left-Wing Teamwork

Murder, Inc.

One nation, under uncertainty

Parent Alleges Harassment for Exposing 'Fistgate'

Photo Hosting Site

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Reference HTML

Requiem for the Left: They're All Stalinists (and Hypocrites) Now


Should Democratic Party merge with Communist Party?

Shriver's loss suggests Kennedy dynasty fades

Spyware Crap

The betrayal of America (Truthful Rant)

THE IRAQ--AL QAEDA CONNECTIONS (Or, Why Do Kennedy, Boxer and Byrd Defend Saddam on this Point?)

The Popeand the Koranm Muslims Praying in Catholic Churches

The Truth About The American Civil Liberties Union

Wellstone Memorial on C-SPAN2 NOW!

Western Extinction

What Are Creationists Afraid Of?

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World War IV