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Free Republic too "Republican?"

Katrina's Damage to the Gulf Oil Patch

Military Personnel Records

Powell’s presentation to U.N. - Transcript

"George W. Bush's Resume" The Truth

10 Regions of US Politics [really nice bit of election results scholarship]

Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake --WP Mar. 03 article

TOM DeLAY Criminal Indictments - Current Situation Report & Master List

Tour in no rush to rule on gender

Weyrich: Nuclear over judiciary


2004 - Bush's Aides Plan Late Campaign Sprint in '04

2004: ciphering a political poll takes perspective (an interview with GOP's "Ed" Gillespie)

A Few Questions For Die-Hard Bush Supporters


Bill Sammon on Dana Milbank of the Washington Post (and why you should never believe Milbank)

Bush Extremely Strong With Base (The democrats don't get it after all their smears)

Bush Prepares the Battlefield [Buchanan, 1/26/04]

Bush's Choices for Court Seen as Moderates

Bush's Pro-Life Record as of May 18, 2004, by Fr. Peter West

Bush-Bashing Conservatives Should Focus on the Big Picture

Bush-Cheney '04 Launches Its New Website Including Kerry Media Center with DBunker Buster, etc.

BUSH-CHENEY 2004 Campaign

Bush...... CFR Campaign Positions

Bush/Cheney '04 Official Website Opens

Bush: Bush's Judges Already Making Their Mark

Bush: Exonerating Bush, Point-By-Point

BUSH: President Bush's Accomplishments [CalPoly]

Bush: VANITY: The way to keep America a sovereign free nation keep the Democrats out of power!

Bush: Who says George W. Bush has done "nothing" for conservatives?

Bush: Wins Losses in Congress....

BUSH: China/Asia/Korea/.... June 2000

Bush: Operation Desert Guard .War Record: Missing, Inaction -If he isn't a deserter, what is he?

Churchillbuff makes Jim Robs vacation list...

Clinton Pardons Terrorist

Command Preformance....Military readiness preparedness

Common Tator's assertion that Alito will be filibustered.....

Congressman Billybob Sez: Incision Decision in the Senate

Death to America - Millitant Islam attacks on America

Department will improve agencies' cooperation [Debate thread]

Dumbest Poster on FR

Estrada: Lessons of the Estrada Defeat

ETERNAL WARMING aka Out Damned Spot ... FR Fools and Idiots

Federal Budget Info... CBO data

FEMA's Knowedge of 911 put to rest

Florida Election Law(Looks like Senator Graham can't run for two offices at once)

For those who got the ZOT

FR Polls

FR: Excerpt and Link Only Posting guidelines

FR: Rudybots on FR are Treasonous Liberals

FR: Statement by the founder of Free Republic

FR: Jorge Bush


FR: TheodoreR predictions for 2006.

Fred T: Looking Back at Fred Thompson's Past History

Free for all at Free Republic---1999

FreeRepublic Archives: Internet wayback machine*/

FT: Religious Right Lining Up Behind Fred Thompson

Gonzales Opinion on Texas Abortion Parential Notification Case

Gonzales: Is "Al Gonzales" Spanish for "Stealth Liberal"?

Gonzales: La Raza WELCOMES NOMINATION OF GONZALES as AG... false claim of LaRaza ties

Halliburton: The Bush/Iraq Scandal that Wasn’t: The president’s critics come up empty

Heads Up! Someone is posting xupitor spyware link; Don't open it!

History of FR

I - Why any war with Iraq will be over in a flash

IRAQ/WMD: What did Clinton & Senate Dems know & when(HYPOCRISY=DEMS; SEE FOR YOURSELF)

JIMROB on electing Republicans..... BREAKING: Conned big time Doug Thompson

KERRY: Tax increase votes - List of

Killing the North American Union Conspiracy: John Hawkins

Lott BET interview Transcript

Michigan Affirmative Action Case.... Split Decision, Clear Result

Microsoft will stop offering support for computer users with computers still running Windows 98

New CIA report - Iraq continues development of weapons of mass destruction (Link to full report)


OIL: US Refinery Capacity-Location

One pill a day could keep food and nicotine cravings away (Rimonabant)

Photo of eagle on Fort Snelling gravestone touches hearts, goes viral

President Bush -- State of the Union Speech, 1-28-03

President Bush Proposes New Temporary Worker Program [Transcript]

President Bush remarks at Bush-Cheney 2004

President's Press Conference 10-28-03 Rose Garden transcript


Profile: George W Bush

Rita Damage to SW Louisiana worse than being reported

RNC Denies outsourcing fundraising to India


RNC: GOP denies outsourcing fund-raising, World Net Daily

RUDY: Quit While You're Ahead, Rudy

Ruffini: Did High Turnout Benefit Bush? [Patrick Ruffini comments]

Ruffini: The Presidential Race in the Northeast

Rush: Like It or Not, Bush Leads [Immigration]

Sharp Reduction in Black Child Poverty Due to Welfare Reform

Text of President Bush News Conference 3-6-03

That Devil Ashcroft

The Facts About Bush and Harken: The president's story holds up under scrutiny.

The Purpose of Free Republic

TLBSHOW thoughts about Liberty Post

TTC - 35: Road to the future

TTC: Deal on planned tollway reached

Unpatriotic Conservatives -- A war against America. MANDATORY READ -- DETAILS PALEOCONSERVATIVES

Violence in the Koran and Bible

W., Underestimated

What is a conservative.....