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This is an exciting election season, finally. For the record, Sen Ted Cruz is my first choice for the nomination, and like it or not I definitely enjoy Mr Trump’s entry to the race. It’s time we had an outsider in the office - and both of these men are exactly that.

Sen Cruz is not owned by the GOPe, but is bound by his faith and our founding documents. Mr Trump is owned by no one - which allows him to speak his mind without having to kiss anyone’s backside. Very refreshing.

Let’s watch and see how it plays out.

Playing the ideological purity card put Obama in office. We can’t afford Hillary at any cost - unless we are willing to physically fight for our nation once again. In my first iteration here, during her husband’s campaign, I was too vocal regarding that issue and paid the price. (I was here long ago.)

I can’t thank Jim and the mods enough for providing what has been my online home for all these years. 16 so far.

Update: after watching more closely, and learning more about Sen Cruz, I am no longer so enamored with his candidacy. Firstly, his vote for the Corker Bill and secondly his vote for TPA. To vote for something and then go out and speak against it reeks of old fashioned bait and switch politics. I am so done with that bull.

For now, I'm in Trump's corner all the way.

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