Dan in Wichita
Since Nov 28, 1997

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I’ve been a Freeper since March 1997. Got registered on 11-28-97, on first day of registration. Been hooked ever since! I still cling to traditional values and get teary eyed when I hear the Star Spangled Banner or Battle Hymn of the Republic. It also makes my eyes watery when I realize how much in the minority I am these days, but I won’t give up my beliefs just to be hip. I will never be Obamanized.

Updated 10-6-18: With the presidency of DJT, I sense a resurgence of traditional American values sweeping across this nation. A new Great Awakening in America is underway as I write this. No longer do left wing bullies and their media shills push us around with impunity. A new day has dawned in America. I believe God has given the United States one last chance to get it right.

Updated 11-7-18: Scratch most of what I said on 10-6-18. The Left still has a firm grip on this nation. If there is any consolation to last night's election defeat, it is that the Left still has not won full control, though with the changing demographics they are shoving down our throat, it may only a matter of time.