Since Dec 29, 2001

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12-29-01 Saturday 6:47 pm

Hello all!! It is SO good to be aboard!!

After lurking Free Republic since 1999 I thought it was about high time I became a member.

As one can see from my website, I am NOT a "F.R.I.N.O." (FReeper In Name Only). I make sure to give the proper attribution to Free Republic whenever I link articles on my website.

Also -- I have kept a meticulous back-log of those Free Republic articles that I have looked at over the years -- posting them on my website and sending them to friends and relatives to look at.

(Updated 1-27-07)

"All Things Political" Archives, 1999-2004

"All Things Political" Archives, 2004-2005

"All Things Political" Archives, 2005-Present

"Religion/Culture/Morals" Archives, 1999-2004

"Religion/Culture/Morals" Archives, 2004-Present

As for my politics, I must say I am proud to say that I come from a STAUNCHLY conservative, Republican, Pro-Life background - and have kept those deeply-held beliefs with me my whole life!

Again, it is good to be aboard - and I look forward to the uniquely distinct conviviality, good-naturedness and soul-of-America values that Free Republic so proudly and effectively espouses.

God Bless,


PS - I hope to add a few links to my profile as time permits.

PPS - I got married in May, 2003 and moved to finding life (especially politics/social issues) in this Socialized Country very different from "the States"