Cold War Veteran - Submarines
Since Dec 11, 2016

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Joined the USN when I was 19. Served on 637 Class Submarines as an ET. Left the military and have been designing and building electronic systems for our military and allies ever since.

Became politically aware in 1980 right after I joined the Navy. Sure was fun serving under Reagan. First vote I ever cast for President was for Reagan. First time I ever donated to a Presidential candidate was for Herman Cain. I loved 999

Ardent 2nd amendment supporter and using my own personal weapon only spend money with businesses who support the 2nd. Miss my Levi's for sure but I won't send my money to them.

Found Free Republic many years ago but never joined until now. Yes, I will contribute during the next Freepathon to pay back for the amount of information that I have received over the years.

Keep up the good work!