Since Nov 3, 1998

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Born and bred in Pennsylvania (with a brief stint in Jersey), I'm a linguistics publisher and writer by night and an editor by day. I've been to a few FR rallies in the Philadelphia area-protesting Clinton at a school in Norristown, as well as the Sore Loserman freep in Center City. I was also in DC at the "Judgment Day" rally, but I haven't had a chance recently to break out my FR Betsy-Ross-style "Battle Flag". Occasionally I'll pop up in one of the religion/morality threads, particularly things that have to do with social normalization of deviancy. I also like to check out all the Catholic-interest stories and contribute an apologetics comment if I can. (I'm a devout Catholic of the traditionalist stripe, with a love for the Latin Mass.)

I have a blog at Letters from Hoquessing.

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