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  Brightly Shining

    A tribute to Jack Buck and Darryl Kile

    By R.W. Brown

    Our hearts were truly saddened when the angels first appeared.

    As they slipped into the broadcast booth, to take our most revered.

    And then our hearts were broken on the afternoon we found,

    The angels had returned and made a visit to the mound.

    The call went out to bring them home and the angels did their chore,

    But they left us with an emptiness that wasn't there before.

    So, high above the ball park in the darkness of the night,

    Two very special brand new stars burst suddenly to light.

    Now shining through the sadness, not discouraged in the slightest,

    A pair of stars see darkness as a chance to shine their brightest.

    You can spot them side by side each night in the brightest part of heaven.

    They're the ones that wear the microphone and the number Fifty-Seven.

It's Memorial Day
Some are still asking why
Close your eyes and remember
As the Colors pass by

Which war was yours?
How long did it last?

Whose face do you see
when the flag is at half-mast?

Who marched away
and didn't return?

For whom did you pray?
For whom do you yearn?

Dog tags and telegrams
A knock on the door.
Were you the parents
they were looking for?

The pain never leaves
It has impacted us all.

When a family is left
with a name carved in a wall.

They fought and they fell
Unaware of their glory.

We must remember them always
and continue their story.

Appreciate where you live
Enjoy living FREE

Many flowers never blossomed
They died for you and for me.

Jack Buck


Since this nation was founded under
God, more than 200 years ago,

We've been the bastion of

The light which keeps the free world

We do not covet the possessions of
Others, we are blessed with the
Bounty we share.

We have rushed to help other

War is just not our nature...we
Won't start, but we will end the fight.

If we are involved we shall be
Resolved to protect what we know is

We've been challenged by a
Cowardly foe who strikes and then
Hides from our view.

With one voice we say there's no
Choice today, there is only one
Thing to do.

Everyone is saying the same thing
And praying that we end these
Senseless moments we are living.

As our fathers did before, we shall
Win this unwanted war.

As our children will enjoy the
Future, we'll be giving.

Jack Buck


Poem by Jack Buck

When someone asks you your favorite sport And you answer Baseball in a blink There are certain qualitites you must possess And you're more attached than you think. In the frozen grip of winter I'm sure you'll agree with me Not a day goes by without someone Talking baseball to some degree. The calender flips on New Year's Day The Super Bowl comes and it goes Get the other sports out of the way The green grass and the fever grows. It's time to pack a bag and take a trip To Arizona or the Sunshine state Perhaps you can't go, but there's the radio So you listen-you root-you wait. They start the campaign, pomp and pageantry reign You claim the pennant on Opening Day From April till fall You follow the bouncing white ball Your team is set to go all the way. They fall short of the series You have a case of the "wearies" And need as break from the game But when Christmas bells jingle You feel that old tingle And you're ready for more of the same. It will be hot dogs for dinner Six months of heaven, a winner Yes, Baseball has always been it. You would amaze all your friends If they knew to what ends You'd go for a little old hit. The best times you're had Have been with your Mom and your Dad And a bat and a ball and a glove. From the first time you played Till the last time you prayed It's been a simple matter of love.

Poem by Jack Buck

They Chatter and laugh

as they pass by my grave

and that's the way it should be

For what they have done

and what they will do

has nothing to do with me

I was tossed ashore

by a friendly wave

with some unfriendly steel in my head

They chatter and laugh

As they pass by my grave

but I know they'll soon be dead

They've counted more days

than I ever knew

and that's alright with me, too

We're all souls in one pond,

all headed for God

too soon, or late, like you


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